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Publisher: Avalon Game Company
by Ricardo N. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/20/2012 11:03:02

This product delivers what it promises: a simple set of rules for battles involving steam war machines and infantry. Infantry is mounted on square stands, with multiple stands per unit, while the machines (whether tanks, walkers or flying units) use different sizes of bases.

The rules are clearly written, and include many examples. The book has a good layout, with only a few typos and pixelated illustrations. The colored background and margins mean that I won't be printing the whole book. It would be great if pages 30 and 31 (infantry table and quick reference) could be provided in black and white, just like they did with the templates. The book also includes three scenarios that are helpful for players to figure how to set up their own.

Bookkeeping during the game is mostly restricted to the war machines, which require a data sheet to keep track of damage, steam output and equipment. A roster sheet could be used for infantry but really, a few markers to track damage is all needed.

The game includes a system to build your war machine, along with some sample builds. It's not overly complicated and allows a lot of variations. The "troop transport" option is the only one that gave me concern, as it is not limited by the war machine's size.

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