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Super-Crooks & Criminals $7.00 $3.92
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Super-Crooks & Criminals
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Super-Crooks & Criminals
Publisher: Fantasy Games Unlimited
by Edward J. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/26/2008 15:51:22

I'm never disappointed with my purchases of V&V products. They each offer something interesting and new to one's campaign and ideas. SC&C comes up with some interesting villains/criminals/thugs from a variety of angles. This is how such products need to be for each character and all the information you could ever want in just a few "text-bites". If I had a complaint with this product, it would only be that it suffers from its era as these days gamers go ga-ga over all-color books more than they do over B&W ones that think of your wallet.

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