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5 Magic Items: Blades $1.99
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5 Magic Items: Blades
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5 Magic Items: Blades
Publisher: Misfit Studios
by Stephane G. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/24/2012 17:24:08

Good ideas for treasure & maybe a starting point for ideas for the GM. How about 5 Magic Items: Staves.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
5 Magic Items: Blades
Publisher: Misfit Studios
by Thomas B. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 09/28/2010 01:31:21

Another in Misfit Studios' line of microsupplements, we get 5 magic blades. The introduction informs us that each Blade's powers should be hidden, and gives guidelines on researching them...complete with a table to roll on (there is a unique one for each blade), detailing just how much information the researcher finds. A Critical Failure means that they get it ALL wrong. This is a great concept, but stumbles just a bit in execution: If they players roll it, they will know they got a Critical Failure, and will suspect something. If the GM rolls it, they essentially lose the right to use a benny to modify the roll, which some could construe as unfair. Other than that, I love it...just gotta work that part out.

Bloodletter: The first item is an intelligent longsword that actually makes those that hold it less intelligent. Being an intelligent sword, it has a Smarts and Spirit die, as well as Skills and Goals, plus special powers. The mechanics are a little unclear, as it will try to drive Magic Users and the type that hold the blade insane...but it doesn't say how, as the only codified power of the blood is draining Power Points from those it harms. Cool concept, a little unclear on the mechanics.

Dagger of Piercing: Much as it says...this little dagger is the Ginsu of the fantasy world, though it does have limitations...

Deathsever Dagger: A dagger with cool extra bonuses against the Undead and essentially granting the Sweep Edge. However, they were designed for a VERY specific, hidden purpose.

Demonbane: Another unique blade, at first glance...but extra research can again reveal a very cool, hidden purpose.

Frostheart: This one is a bonafide artifact, with Power Points and everything. Conceptually, it's probably my least favorite of the five.

The first magic item collection from Misfit Studios for Savage Worlds is very cool for your $1.55...the plot hooks for the Demonbane and Death Severe Daggers are probably my favorite parts, honestly, and my only REAL complaint is that I'm not sure how the Bloodletter functions with its influencing the its wielder (potentially). Another fine entry.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
A good point regarding bennies, Thomas. I'll address how Gamemasters may want to reconcile that with the mystery of using a secret roll in the next product release. Thanks for pointing it out. As for how Bloodletter works, it's based on rules for intelligent magic items that appears in the Fantasy Companion, which outlines how a battle of wills plays out between the wielder and the weapon if the wielder doesn't pursue Bloodletter's goals. I can't recommend the Fantasy Companion enough as a great resource.
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