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Race Creation Cookbook (PFRPG) $7.99
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Race Creation Cookbook (PFRPG)
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Race Creation Cookbook (PFRPG)
Publisher: LPJ Design
by James D. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/17/2011 02:06:05

This product has a lot of promise, but the people who enacted it seemed to miss part of the point of race building. The main error in my opinion was that they tied everything to what class you would play, which unfortunately can lead to a situation where the level adjustment of the race could change between playing a fighter or a wizard. Thankfully for most of the charts there is an average cost so you could just ignore most of that and still use this quite easily, it is only on the skill bonus chart that you would have to make your own averages. All in all it is kind of like a math paper where they showed not only their work but the work of the entire class, a lot of stuff you don't need.

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Race Creation Cookbook (PFRPG)
Publisher: LPJ Design
by Erica B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 07/04/2010 09:35:14

I purchased this the other day and despite several readings I still can't figure out how to use it.

First of all, it talks about Level Adjustment early on, but Level Adjustment is one of the concepts that was chucked by the Pathfinder system. It's not used anymore. Pathfinder has its own means of leveling monster PCs.

It does provide point-values for different racial abilities, but it provides those points based on how useful that ability would be to each class. It just presents each of the core classes and a different point value for each ability modifier, skill, feat, and special ability relative to that class.

For example, it shows us that for a fighter, Strength is with 31 points for each +2 adjustment. What does being a fighter have to do with race creation? Does each race have a different point value based on which class you choose? If so, it certainly doesn't tell us that anywhere, and I don't want to have to make the same races 11 times.

Not only that, but it breaks classes down even farther to give you point values. For a regular fighter Strength is with 31 points for a +2... but for a fighter specializing in 2-handed weapons, Strength is worth 35 points for each +2.

Wait were we talking about race or class here? The book doesn't seem to know either...

Furthermore, the book doesn't give any examples of how to construct a race using its system, and there are no sample races to show you how an end result would appear. Given what I described above, that would have been useful.

As it stands now, this is a book I can't figure out how to use because it doesn't really explain itself well enough.

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