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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition: Career Compendium
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
by Richard R. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/03/2009 00:18:34

If the players, excluding the GM, have to get only one book, this is the one.

The book is very useful if you don't have or plan to have all the previous books, because it regroupe every careers published in the previous WFRP2 books into this volume. The Career Compendium give to the players a total access to the career available to them to create their Personal Character (also useful for the NPC creation). This book give them a great autonomy to plan and build up their characters. For the players, this book is then more useful than the Core Rulebook. The book include, also, the career published in the late sourcebook Shades of Empire. The Career Compendium is good for all the common set of Personal Character. It regroupe all the career used and available for a standard campaign of WFRP2. It gives more information about each career and includes, also, some new one.

The official pdf scan for the Career Compendium is extremely well made. It is very clear, with no blur marks. The images resolution is very good. I find it better than the one used for Tome of Corruption and Tome of Salvation. It offer the same resolution quality found with the official pdf for Night's Dark Masters. (Note that the official pdf for Tome of Corruption and Tome of Salvation are, still, extremely well made. If you plan to purchase them, you can do so with the assurance to have a pdf of good quality.) They have, also, included useful Bookmarks in the pdf, such as an alphabetic order to have access quickly to every career.

It doesn't regroupe the most exotic career such as those found for the Skavens and the Vampires characters (you do have the career available for the humans and other common PC offered by these books such as the Slave, the Agent of the Shroud and the Killer of the Dead to name a few). You won't have those specifically linked to the worship of Chaos such as the Chaos Champion career path and the Cult Magus of Khorne, for exemple. You do have some of those linked to the Norse, such as the Marauder, the Whaler, the Seer and the Warleader, since they can be played more easly in a broader set of campaigns.

The new illustrations for the career who didn't had one originally, such as the Warrior Priest found in Tome of Salvation, are very well made and are a great add on.

It offer numerous useful synthetic tables such as one that classify all the career available for each races specifically.

The adventure hint given for each career are amusing and useful for the DM. They can help you to build up small adventures and to construct starting lines for scenario that would put the emphasis on a selected career.

Whatever if you are a DM or a Player, this book will be useful for you for the numerous information it include and for it conveniency.

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition: Career Compendium
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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition: Night's Dark Masters
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
by Richard R. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 09/24/2009 10:52:55

This Warhammer pdf is extremely well scanned. It offer a better resolution and leave no blur marks compared to some other Warhammer pdf released on RPGNow (still those are well made and present minor flaws. If you plan to purchase other WFRP pdf here, you can do so with the confidence to get a good product).

Concerning the book "Night's dark masters", you can't be wrong with this sourcebook. It is extremely well made and very pleasant to read. It contain all the background setting you need to know about vampires in the world of Warhammer. It, also, offer a whole chapter to describe the Sylvania region, its people and customs, so that your PC can venture into this bleak land. The book also feature templates for each vampire houses to play a vampire as player character (PC). It offer an interesting system of vampire traits (Blood Gift) that will make each vampire creation (PC or NPC) unique. Beside that, the sourcebook will give you new careers for your traditional PC. It included, as well, a new Dark Magic lore, Lore of Nagash which is a different kind of Necromency, with its proper spell liste. It feature, also, new rituals, magic items, a full detailed map of Sylvania land of the Von Carstein House and a bestiary centered on opponents related to those encounter in Sylvania.

Since the original book was not published in hardcover, this pdf offer you a good solution to preserve your original copy and its information from the entropy and the vicissitude of time. In this case, however, sustainment in blood is not mandatory ; )

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition: Night's Dark Masters
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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition: Tome of Salvation
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
by Bruno R. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/28/2009 02:15:20

Before Tome of Salvation the Gods in Warhammer universe had meat mostly around the gods of Chaos. The ruinous powers and their followers was so well developed that it was leaving all the other gods in a secondary role at best (except maybe Sigmar and Ulric, but what the players had at their disposal was still far from what have been dug about the Chaos gods). The background about the Classical Gods (Verena, Shaylla, Sigmar, Morr, etc) was so thin that it was not appealing for the players to take these gods as a key stone around which a character could be built. The book Tome of Salvation comes to fix this by adding content to the Classical Gods. It goes even further by providing matter concerning the role and the importance of faith in the Old World in general. It defines the life of a priest and how each differ according to the god they worship. It explains how the common folks and nobles deals with the Classical Gods, the superstition and the ancestor spirits. The book provides also information concerning the minor gods of the Old World. It deals with the issue of the outlawed gods, such as Khaine and Gunndred, outside the famous Chaos Gods. It gives also some information about the Gods of the other races (Dwarf, Elf, Halfling) and how their faith differ.

If Tome of Corruption is essential to Warhammer by the review and the information it give about the influence and power the Chaos have in this universe, Tome of Salvation marks an important turning point because it come to add content and depth to those who are benevolent. It comes also to offer an alternative to those who are evil in intent but who do not worship or rely on the faith for the Ruinous Power.

For the numerous topics this book explores and develops for the first time, it is doomed to become a classic for the world of Warhammer.

Here is the Table of contents:

Chapter I: A Brief History of the Cults of the Empire.

Chapter II: Old World Cults

The Cult of Manann
The Cult of Morr
The Cult of Myrmidia
The Cult of Ranald
The Cult of Shallya
The Cult of Sigmar
The Cult of Taal and Rhya
The Cult of Ulric
The Cult of Verena

Chapter III: Folk Worship

Noble vs. Folk Worship
Minor Deities
Ancestor Spirits
Superstitions and Folk Customs

  • Magic and superstition

  • The Evil Eye

  • Variations in the Folk Customs

  • Prayers and Holy Sayings

  • Showing faith

  • Venerated Souls of the Empire

Chapter IV: Extremes of Faith

The Reasons Why
Motivations of the Truly Pious
Major Fanatical Sects

  • Manann

  • Morr

  • Myrmidia

  • Ranald

  • Shallya

  • Sigmar

  • Taal and Rhya

  • Ulric

  • Verena
    Acts of Faith
    A Temple of Flesh

  • Abstinence

  • Mortification
    New Careers
    Tensions Between The Cults
    -theological differences
    -personal differences

Chapter V: Other Gods

Foreign Gods In The Empire
Dwarf, Elf, and Halfling Gods
Gods and Monsters
Outlawed Gods

  • Outlawed or Chaos?

  • Khaine

  • Other outlawed gods

  • False beliefs
    The Dark Gods

Chapter VI:Festivals, Holy Days, and Rights of Passage

The Imperial Calendar
Rites of Passage

  • Pregnancy and fatherhood

  • Birth

  • Dooming

  • Quickening

  • Marriage

  • Divorce

  • Journeyman's Release

  • Soldier's Day
    A Sample Town's Year of Festivals

Chapter VII: A Holy World

Places of Worship

  • Shrines

  • Temples

  • Monasteries
    The Monastery of the Dark Maiden
    Holy Sites
    The Road to Couronne

Chapter VIII: The Life of A Priest

To Be A Priest
A Priest For Every Occasion
Different Paths

  • Manann

  • Morr

  • Myrmidia

  • Ranald

  • Shallya

  • Sigmar

  • Taal and Rhya

  • Ulric

  • Verena

  • A wandering life
    The Laity
    I Need A Priest!

Chapter IX: The Holy Warriors

The Holy Orders

  • Knights of the White Wolf

  • The Black Guard

  • Knights of the Blazing Sun

  • Knights of the Everlasting Light

  • Longshanks

  • Knights Griffon

  • Sons of Manann

  • Other orders
    Templar Careers
    Hammers of Righteousness, Shields of Faith
    -new weaponry
    -new armor and clothing
    Men of God, Men of War

Chapter X: Miracles

The Book of Prayers
Divine Magic
Divine Lores
The Wrath of the Gods
Optional Rule: Mark of the Gods


(I only included the "-sub category" on an entry of the table of contents when I thought it could help to define it more specificly.)

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition: Tome of Salvation
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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition: Tome of Corruption
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
by Bruno R. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/28/2009 02:12:01

I have read most if not ALL the books about Chaos in Warhammer Fantasy. I read the two tomes of Realms of Chaos. I also read Complete Liber Chaotica, WHFB Beast of Chaos and WHFB Hordes of Chaos. This one is by far the most complete on the topic and the most pleasant and interesting to read followed closely by Complete Liber Chaotica. I cannot recommand you this book enough for every fan of Warhammer Fantasy (RPG players or NOT). Even the readers interested by Fantastic universe could find this reading interesting.

Tome of Corruption add also a lot of new content concerning Chaos that have never been written so far in other Warhammer books. It push the topic much more further and embrace it widely. It cover in detail many old and new aspects.

You will find in this book the following chapters:

A first Part: The Enemy Within

1- Chaos in the Old World

2- The lost and the damned

3- Catalogue of Change (MORE than 150 mutations. A general random table and 4 random tables adapted for each Chaos Gods.)

4- Cults of Chaos (It feature also cultist career for each four Chaos Gods)

5- Objects of Chaos

A second Part: Shadows of Chaos

6- The Places between: Life in the wilderness

7- Beasts of Chaos (and the template to play one as PC...)

8- Menagerie of the Strange

9- Defenders of the Empire (Some words about the Witch Hunters and the other enemies of Chaos)

Part III: The Chaos Wastes

10- The Chaos Wastes (The Landscape of Chaos)

11- Norsca (The Norsca region and his folks and their culture are explain in details. Template are given to play a norse and specific career related to norse people are also offered.)

12- Hordes of Chaos (A distinction is made between the Norsemen and the other people who follow more directly and specificaly the Chaos Gods. Template are presented to play a men of the Hordes of Chaos such as the Kurgan)

13- Slaves to Darkness (This chapter have the following section that every Chaos worshiper is looking for: Champion of Chaos, Chaos Sorcerers, Rewards of Chaos, Retinues. Basicly, this section explain the path followed by those who worship the Chaos Gods. It give the career associated to this path and the advantages and dangers it represent.)

14- Chaos Armory

Part IV: Realm of Chaos

15- The Ruinous powers (The four Gods of Chaos)

16- Beyond the Wastes of Chaos (Walk toward the Eye like no other book have brought you before. Then enter into the Realms of Chaos themselves. Sanity is for the weaks!)

17- Chaos Sorcery (New spells, tables and background diging about magic)

18- Legion of Chaos (The stats blocks about the Major and Lesser Chaos Gods Daemons... Your player will be able to fight for the best and the worst the Bloodthirster, the Keepers of Secrets, the Horror of Tzeentch and all the other classic Daemons commonly associated to the Chaos Gods. This section also explain how to design your own new Daemons and give you the proper random table to build them)

19- Masters of Chaos

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition: Tome of Corruption
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