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Fantasy Craft Second Printing
Publisher: Crafty Games
by Raymond K. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/09/2009 11:21:27

FantasyCraft, a Crafty-Games game. A D20-based Fantasy-genre RPG. In an already crowded category, I won't post that this book features Dragons and Elves. At this point, what book doesn't? I WILL, however, what makes me choose FantasyCraft over the various other options.

  1. The Skill System: FantasyCraft's skill system, while still very familiar to the D20 formula, is a staple within the engine. Not a small sidenote to accent your character's Damage-per-round like in other systems, but an actual fleshed out system to handle everything (and probably thensome) of what a character would want to do.

  2. The NPC creation system. Remember spending hours upon hours trying to drudge up and balance NPCs in other systems? The mind-numbing death spiral of time spent that went into creating 'bosses' for your group to fight? Not any more! FantasyCraft's NPC system is, perhaps, the most fluid, easy to use system I've ever seen. The NPC design scales (almost effortlessly) to fit the party. ..and it's actually FUN (again..) to create NPCs! 2b. OGL Monster Conversion. Want to toss in your favorite D20 monster? Worried about how X ability will match up in FantasyCraft? They did the worrying for you. The OGL conversion chart is amazingly verbose and flexible.

  3. Cheating Death. It's an optional rule within the book aimed at preserving the player's character, but at the same time creating a DM twist. The optional rule is almost worth the price of the book alone! lol. Okay, maybe not that drastic, but 'Cheating Death' is very unqiue and very fun.

  4. For the newbies out there, the book will help you flesh out your own Fantasy World even if this is your very first venture into RPGs.

  5. Feats. Just like in Spycraft, the Feats in FantasyCraft are one of the strongest character options to date. It gives your player tricks, tools and a flair that most other systems just don't bother with.

  6. RPG friendly. That may venture the question, "How can an RPG book be RPG unfriendly?" Well... just look at other systems. It treats RPGing as second nature, and merely a small diversion to hacking and slashing. In FantasyCraft, your skills and your imagination can lead the way. Not everything is about Damage....

I could go on and on, but those are my main positives on FantasyCraft without spoiling the entire book. All in all, it's an amazing product that'll rekindle your "want" to play a Fantasy RPG. (...and minis are optional...)

5 Stars out of 5. And that's from a guy who didn't enjoy FantasyRPG 3.X.

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Fantasy Craft Second Printing
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