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Fantasy Craft Second Printing
Publisher: Crafty Games
by Derek H. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/12/2009 21:11:25

Hoping that I could find a good middle ground between what 3.5 did right, what 4e fixed, and avoiding what 4e broke, I bought Fantasy Craft. I was not disappointed, and was in fact given more for my money than I had dared to hope for. Ridiculously diverse races and classes, the ability to run any kind of adventure at any level due to sliding monster stats, a great gear system, are great points of the book. But the big thing is only when you've taken in the whole package, just well-thought-out and obviously extensively playtested rules throughout the book have removed all of those strange quirks you saw in 3.5, and the balance is just great. The only thing I found wrong was that a couple skills have been split, but some others have been logically joined together and everyone has tons of skill points, so the impact of this little bit of strangeness is minimized. Highly recommended.

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Fantasy Craft Second Printing
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