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Hot Chicks RPG Essentials Bundle
Publisher: Dakkar Unlimited
by Carol C. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/22/2010 11:14:23

Hi, this is Chris, my mom (Carol) has the account, and I ordered this game bundle through that. She's not really a 'dedicated' gamer like me. I've played and GM'd all the classics. I'd like to say a little bit about Hot Chicks.

The Good: There is a lot of content. Content is generally king as far as RPGs go. No one likes to be stuck for hours trying to roll up something that should at least be somewhat covered already. I can say that Hot Chicks has quite a lot of default detail, plus several supplements to add to that. The rules system is INVOLVED. There are mechanics for just about everything you could imagine, including some things not usually covered in RPG rules (adult content in at least one of the supplements for example). Magic, martial arts, cyborgs, aliens, superpowers, the rules cover pretty much everything you could want. While I'm unaware of any supplements in place that cover traditional fantasy style gaming, I have no doubt 'hot chicks' exist in such a setting, and the rules can easily cover fantasy play. I like the versatility.

The Bad: As in-depth as the game's rules are, in my opinion, they are too math-intensive. I really dislike having to roll, calculate, roll, calculate, and then do more, and that's for a single turn of combat? I like things a little simpler and quicker than that. The system isn't very bad, but it could be more streamlined. In fact, if there were to be a rules revision, I suggest that be your primary goal. Streamline the rules so gameplay is quicker.

Bottom Line: Give the system a try. I did. I'm not disappointed. Some rules systems go through numerous revisions before they get a good flow going. This is seriously not bad for what I think is their first edition. If they can address the only negative, this game package would easily be 5 stars.

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Hot Chicks RPG Essentials Bundle
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