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Thousand-Faced Heroes $2.50
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Thousand-Faced Heroes
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Thousand-Faced Heroes
Publisher: UKG Publishing
by Steven W. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/01/2010 13:04:30

Given its very economical price point, I wanted to like this product more than i did.

If you are playing FATE or Spirit of the Century based games, Thousand-Faced Heroes gives you guidelines for adjusting character skills, stunts and aspects to the "Epic Fantasy" genre,as well as new character concepts, and some quick pick stunt packages to speed up character generation.

No matter what system you are using, TFH gives you an overview of the Epic Fantasy genre with lots of books, movies and other games to pull ideas from, as well an overview of the Hero's Journey and how to use it in your campaign.

Finally,Thousand-Faced Heroes presents a sample Epic Fantasy campaign outline, as well as an introductory adventure. The campaign presented - The Thousand Islands - is fairly interesting, and I would welcome additional and expanded coverage of this campaign in another product.

Some bad editing could be pointed out, but for me my overall disappointment in this book is that the more interesting parts - the different mythical tropes - seem like they could have been more developed (for instance, how could "The Problem of Good & Evil" be used in game to generate adventures and character ideas), while the parts that are developed - the game rules - seem very generic-D&D.

Overall, I feel this is a fair value for its price.

[3 of 5 Stars!]
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