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GM's Aid I: Party Tracking Sheets $1.96
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GM\'s Aid I: Party Tracking Sheets
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GM's Aid I: Party Tracking Sheets
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by Tad K. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/14/2009 18:31:21

GM Aid I-Party Tracking Sheets By 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming Product Code 4WFG016 Price $1.75 on Drivethru RPG Store URL Company URL

In Review: Note: I received a promotional copy. That said I would have been more than glad with the price asked if I had paid for it sight unseen.

The facts on the physical construction It is 12 pages long consisting of the following sheets Full color cover Title Page Introduction and Three (3) example sheets Sheet 1 - Adventuring Party Information Record Sheet 2 - Adventure Record Sheet Sheet 3 - Adventure Session Sheet Sheet 4 - Campaign Adventure Log Sheet 5 - Initiative Tracking Sheet OGL License

All of the sheets have a very plain white background, save the cover and title page. The sheets all have specific purposes and there is a little overlap but not a great deal. They each aid in tracking one or more aspects of a game. From overall details of characters to what happened, to the very specific Initiative Tracking sheet, all are designed to help the Game Master run the games and sessions.

There are just a few minor quibbles. I personally would have liked a spot for Initiative Modifiers to the Adventurers Tracking sheet; I will just put it in the Size spot instead, being a personal choice. The same with the Initiative Tracking sheet, but there is adequate space to put it at the end of the character names, putting it there at a glance.

Otherwise I like the utility of the sheets. The Campaign Record is the one I will use the least. Mostly due to a tendency to very long story arc campaigns, and the format looks a bit more episodic than my games have run in the past. Keeping in mind that ten or more year long campaigns is not what everyone runs, this sheet holds more utility to others I believe than to myself.

One thing I really like about the idea of this product is the artifact aspect. It provides a wonderful sense of continuity of history that comes from gaming, and here is a wonderful way to be able to note the highlights and exploits involved. As a very heroic hobby at the base, making a simple and clear way to record the tribulations and victories makes for an epic feel to the gaming session.

I would almost make these, as a one potential end use; make the exploits available to all the players after the fact, as a sort of treasure. It could be as simple as lending a sense of history to the games by the latest player characters finding a tome containing past exploits. At this point the Game Master can pass out a single copy of all the old adventures, perhaps in a simple file folder format even. This is especially possible with the Adventuring Party Information and the Adventure Record sheets. Those lend themselves to providing continuity in the game as well as potentially outside of the actual gaming group. An enterprising Game Master could even make up sheets and pass those out as history, making it seem real to those engaged in the gaming.

So in the final analysis, for the cost, it is more than worth the money spent to get the product. Add it onto another order and at $ 3.50 that is less than a Grande Cappuccino with an extra shot of caffeine and you will hardly notice the cost in my opinion. Once you start using the sheets that is.

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