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Player's Aid I: Treasure Tracking Sheets $1.00
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Player\'s Aid I: Treasure Tracking Sheets
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Player's Aid I: Treasure Tracking Sheets
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by Tad K. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/14/2009 18:40:56

Players Aid I-Treasure Tracking Sheets By 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming Product Code 4WFG014 Price $1.25 on Drivethru RPG

In Review: Note: I received a promotional copy. That said I would have been more than glad with the price asked if I had paid for it sight unseen.

The facts on the physical construction It is 9 pages long consisting of the following sheets Full color cover Title Page Introduction and Sample page Sheet 1 - Armor, Shields & Weapons Sheet 2 - Coins, Currency, Gems & Jewelry Sheet 3 - Miscellaneous Treasure Sheet 4 - __ OGL License

All of the sheets have a very plain white background, save the cover and title page. Very easy and self explanatory, even so there is an example on how the use is envisioned. The first three Sheets are essentially the same columns for data and information. The main change is the title. The fourth sheet has the same columns but nothing is named, so you can customize it in moments. As a PDF if you wanted to, you can print the sheets and hand write, or use the typewriter function in Adobe Reader and Customize (which changes the font look) for Sheet 4 that way and not save the changes to the file, preserving the integrity of the original one.

This is one of those products that are simple, easy and one where you say, why didn’t I think of that years ago and do it myself. The only other place I recall seeing something similar is in the old Rogues Gallery product from the original TSR Company, where you could record campaign details, encounters, etc. This is a product that is so simple but one that is needed to make gaming life easier.

Even though it is billed as a Player Aid, I am much more likely to use it as a GM to aid me in tracking who has what, helping distribute Experience points, etc. The blank sheet is going to get re-purposed as an encounter tracker as well.

So in the final analysis, for the cost, it is more than worth the money spent to get the product. Add it onto another order and at $1.75 that is less than a Grande Coffee and you will not even notice the price in my opinion.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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