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Giants in the Earth
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Giants in the Earth
Publisher: Skortched Urf' Studios
by Dan M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/30/2009 13:24:37

This is a great book for those looking for additional creatures for 4th edition. Almost all the creatures have a ready-invented trait which blends perfectly with 4e's powers concept, with almost no work at all. This is of course natural given that powers ARE just game=mechanic expressions of Special Qualities, after all...

For example, the Sinosauropteryx' Combat Quills would give an immediate interrupt consisting of an automatic counter-attack against any foe's attack on the little save-less creature... Oh, and it has saves, they are just hidden. I guess they borrowed the Composagnathus' hiding qualities... Perhaps more proofreading and less propoganda is called for?

And despite decrying creatures having "wierd magiic or especially unusual powers to mess with your game's sense of reality" in 4e, no problem is stated with the magical powers bestowed by the creatores-cum-familiars upon the behalf of their masters. If fact, the statement "This book's dinos have unique abilities with little basis in reality" (despite being contradicted in the very same paragraph) shows the introduction is nothing but "yay-- I'm a lelling" manifesto against 4e. I think the color of the suthor's glasses is abudantly apparrent.

There is even a statement poinbting out WHY 4e was needed in the first place in "...[I]f you're playing a Druid and you DON'T DON'T (sic.) start wild shaping into every dino in this book, you're playing the wrong way." Power, baby. Raw BROKEN power...

Despite the editing miss here and there (on par with the skill-challenge fiasco in the 4e DMG...) I'd rate this PDF/book right on up there. There are some very good things here. The creatures are much better thought out than the author's views on 4e, and well presented. This is a welcome addition to the arsenal of a DM, regardlees of generation of rules system preferreed. and is a welcome bargain, a treasure-trove of creatures ANY DM should snap up as fast as a Spinosaurus can pouince upon and swllow-whole a meal.

[typos in this review, llke the review itself, provided free-of-charge.]

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