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The Magical land of Yeld [playtest edition 2.0]

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The Magical land of Yeld [playtest edition 2.0]
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The Magical land of Yeld [playtest edition 2.0]
Publisher: Atarashi Games
by Miguel d. L. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/02/2009 16:51:05

The Magical Land of Yeld

This game it is so new it is still in beta. The pdf ebook (which can be read by almost every computer on earth, I presume) costs just $2.00 -two bucks- and it will give you a lot of punch for that money. It is a game that would appeal to younger children and would not scare parents. Nobody can die, when the adventurer party is wiped out, they just appear back in home. It’s incredibly funny, with many subtle references to Japanese anime for kids. In other words, this game speaks your children language. Most of the game world is left to the players. They give you a blank map and tons of ideas to fill it up. And not just combat and persecutions and those boyish jolly stuff, there are holidays and parties too!

And you always have an adventure. That is, you have arrived to the Magical Land of Yeld but you want to return home… which is a wee tricky, you need to collect keys, badges and very cool equipment. Kids would love that.

Rules are super easy to catch and the character sheet is a sweet to understand. And in this game even the GM has to obey the rules, and plays a character too. (GM = the player who “tells” the story for you non-roleplayers )

Beta means it’s rough around the edges. No flashy pics, very simple format (your printer would love that) and there are few typos, but for $2.00 I’m more than willing to forgive those. (Plus you can email the authors and tell them how to improve the game). Seriously, I’m loving this one.

Excerpt from my blog

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