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Technomancer's Toybox
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Technomancer\'s Toybox
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Technomancer's Toybox
Editeur: White Wolf
par John D. [Acheteur vérifié]
Date Ajoutée: 12/18/2007 20:05:58

Do you like gadgets? Do you want inspiration for either old or new Mage? Or really any game of the modern supernatural? Then this is the best book out there for you. The material in this book is fairly easy to convert to Mage: The Awakening, crunch-wise, and most of the flavor is ready to go out of the box. Only the chapter on the Technocracy might be a problem to convert, but it's still great inspiration. Also, a great suppliment if you want to suprise knowledgable nWoD players that know little about Mage: the Ascention. Even if you don't like gadgets, this book is full of interesting items to throw in for plot twists or background in your campaign.

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