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Book of Crafts: Whispers of Dissent
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Book of Crafts: Whispers of Dissent
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Book of Crafts: Whispers of Dissent
Editeur: White Wolf
par greg m. [Acheteur vérifié]
Date Ajoutée: 08/13/2015 11:33:33

This was an earlier entry into the M:tA line of CWoD books, and introduced many Crafts into the mix of the Ascension War. Crafts differ from the Traditions and Conventions in that they are geographically or culturally limited. Each Craft gets it's own chapter complete with a full page piece of art and a fluff short story to set tone. The history of each Craft is discussed, a few signature Rotes (magick spells) are given, and one or two templates for PC's are given. The Crafts presented are an Epytian throwback; a group of Hawai'ian traditionalists; the Sisters of Hippolita, a Greek cult; the Knights Templar, who left the nascent Order of Reason, which became the Technocracy; and also a Chinese magickal society. Artwork ranges from good to passable, and there are several typos, so grammar police may be annoyed. The groups presented in the book all have a specific, local focus, so use in games is questionable, but still entertaining to read.

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