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Nations of Théah: Eisen (Book 4)
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Nations of Théah: Eisen (Book 4)
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Nations of Théah: Eisen (Book 4)
Publisher: John Wick Presents
by Brent M. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/07/2007 06:28:34

I believe this book got three stars from somebody who ought to be locked up (and perhaps have torture inflicted upon them). I'm not here to give you all the reasons to buy this book. If you play 7thSea, you know it's essential.

I wanted to post a review here in case you don't know what makes 7thSea my favorite game of all time.

1) Drama Dice. You get dice in order to try things out of your character's ordinary reach. In short: be dramatic.

2) Cinematic style of play: Nothing is better than watching your friends swing from chandeliers or jump and fight between two out of control carriages. You can just about imagine every Swashbuckling movie in terms of 7th Sea's style of play.

3) Character Backgrounds and Arcana: These unresolved stories and Personality quirks give the GM all kinds of fun ways in order to get characters to fall in love with each other, avenge their relatives' deaths, foil their rivals every step of the way, and/or do the unthinkable in order to free themselves from horrific debts.

4) Brute Squads. This ought to be self explanatory...but how many times have you watched the heroes bowl their way through dozens of expendable extras before getting to the real deal?

5) Familiar Setting. The setting for the game is a brilliant twist on 1600's Europe, with all sorts of curious dramas from all eras of Europe's history. There are scheming Cardinals, Zorro figures, Emperors with power trips, Queens with privateer armadas, and Ivan the Terrible.

6) There are pirates. That's just awesome in and of itself.

7) There's some magic too, for those of you bent on wielding lightning, or teleporting, or bringing yourself back from the dead.

8) The system is simple enough to learn in a few hours, yet there is enough depth to character generation (and the host of other optional systems) to make it playable for multiple years.

I've had some of the best creative fun of my life playing this game. You might also.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Nations of Théah: Eisen (Book 4)
Publisher: John Wick Presents
by john s. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 05/28/2007 20:07:35

Once again 7th sea has produced a well written, detailed addition to their game world.

And once again they have fallen into the three part folly that extends through out this game.

Problem 1) The writing is fine--but there is simply too much of it. The backgrounds are extensive--too extensive for myself and my players. I am simply not opging to ask them to read a book each time they roll up a character. The world is fascinating but reallty write the noivel for pity's sake and get on with it.

Problem 2) TGHe adventures are poorly written. Giving me the mysterious outline of seventeen characters is fantastic--the detail is once again very nice--now give me something to do with them. The whole concept of leaving the idea open ended isn't quite as cute as the authors hope for. Give me a beginning a middle and an end--I don';t have as much time as the creators to be "immersing" myself in a days long character study. Adventure--beginning--middle ---end---oh and whiole the City maps are really spectacular--how about something smaller and plot driven--

Problem 3) This -"oh I know you bought this book but wait for a future supplement to actually see what the mystery is all about is insulting and , frankly, the most mercenary little trick I've seen in a while. Have a little respect for your customers folks--when they pay to see the maguffin--you had better show the maguffin...give the stats--tell the whole story and let your customers decide what works for them.

Here's a hint-when you publish it--you have to let the reins slip a little bit.

So last purchase from this comapny for a while.

It's sumptuous--but ultimately sound and fury signifying nothing.

[3 of 5 Stars!]
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