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Vampire Players Guide - Revised Edition
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Vampire Players Guide - Revised Edition
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Vampire Players Guide - Revised Edition
Publisher: White Wolf
by Gilbert E. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 08/27/2006 06:44:36

if you're an "old-timer" like me don't buy this book, if you've never roleplayed before maybe this is a book for you...but to be honest the 3rd edition core rules gives you plenty of ideas on how to go about it.....I am very disappointed with this book I don't need treatsies on how to roleplay and how to speak etc.....I should've bought the 2nd edition Players guide in the first place but oh well.....what can you do????

I understand who this is aimed at, the newbies, the guys (and I REALLY hope the girls) who've never roleplayed before, but guys and girls find your own voice experiment with the game, this is what roleplaying is all about.......above all HAVE FUN. This book won't help you to do that it has stuff in it that any intelligent person could figure out themselves, and I think over complicates things way too much.......I know of another reason why this book was written, it's to keep the core concept "pure", but to be honest if we had come across this game when we were 13 it would probably've turned into "D&D with fangs" game anyway, what's wrong with that? It is after all ONLY a game.....

[2 of 5 Stars!]
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