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True20 Wild West $13.95
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True20 Wild West
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True20 Wild West
Publisher: Green Ronin
by David C. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/25/2008 17:48:21

I am very surprised: usually Green Ronin produces excellent products. Why they put their names on this one I have no idea. It is dangerously close to useless.

The first 16 pages describe nine stereotypical wild west roles, such as gambler, outlaw and lawman. Then there are two pages of new feats and five pages of wild west type weapons. In other words, the only information I found useful was crammed into less than one-third of the book!

The book then offers 10 pages of descriptions of famous old west personages (with no game stats I might add) and two pages describing famous town of the old west. Uhm, excuse me but I can use an encyclopedia. The remaining 64 pages (yes, more than half the book) offers "progressions" for the nine new character types. In other words, they offer a write up for each of the roles for levels 1 through 20. I did not realize I was buying a book of NPC stats (and painfully redundant ones at that)!

Don't make the mistake I did. Save your money, find another d20 western book (there are plenty of them out there) and convert it to True20.

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