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Nemezis: Optional Wealth rules. $0.00
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Nemezis: Optional Wealth rules.
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Nemezis: Optional Wealth rules.
Publisher: GRAmel
by Olivier S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/04/2016 01:24:53

Nemezis Optional Wealth Rules is a (free !) abstract tool that helps you to manage the lifestyle in downtime of your player characters. Of course, it is devised for the sci-fi environment of "Nemezis" but nothing prevents you from adapting it to your own universe. It is possible that, after an adventure, the heroes wish to settle down for a while, maybe in order to make some money (to buy a fortress, a vessel... ?). If you don't want to use more detailed rules (as in Paizo Pathfinder's "Ultimate Campaign" or in the Game Master's Guide II for D&D 3.5), then this PdF is for you. It gives indications for "Purchase Rolls", very useful if you want to recknon the player's earnings on a very broad basis, not counting every single penny. As is tradition with Savage Worlds, cards are drawn to generate how well/poorly did your professional activity/business/estate fare last time. Perhaps this will throw a thread towards some new adventure... These optional rules may not solve all your (players') money issues, but it can be definitely helpful between two adventures !

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Nemezis: Optional Wealth rules.
Publisher: GRAmel
by Michael T. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/10/2015 11:35:27

WHY REVIEW A FREE PRODUCT? It will still cost you some time to read and some ink to print if you choose. I'd like to know if it's worth it and I thought someone else might as well. I will not hesitate to spoil the adventure (SPOILER ALERT).

PHYSICAL PRODUCT This is a 7 page PDF with a blue background on every page. It is not very printer friendly. It has three good character illustrations and a very readable font, but the background required good lighting to read on my phone.

INTRODUCTION I've never understood the complaint that money was hard to keep track of in RPGs, but since I'm currently using a game that doesn't have money (Barbarians of Lemuria) I thought I'd look into rules for managing wealth without counting coins.

This appears to be a single chapter from a larger Savage Worlds product. It's definitely complete, but it assumes a science fiction space faring setting. This doesn't detract from its usefulness in any way, but couldn’t be used for a fantasy setting without some serial number filing.

DESCRIPTION It starts by redefining wealth and poverty advantages and disadvantages, from homeless to Bruce Wayne and modifying the existing (presumably) Edges as well. Then it shows a system for making Purchase Rolls emphasizing that they are only used for 'important' (i.e., game affecting) purchases. It gives rules for multiple purchases ("I'll take battle suits for everyone!") and haggling.

It also talks about going into debt, the effect of savings and gives a nice set of rules for Purchase Modifiers depending on the object, including its availability,

The only things it doesn’t cover are the two common problems with wealth in a campaign - loans and what to do when PCs have too much money. These are easy to fix myself (you can only loan from Savings and...I'm GM I can steal from PCs whenever I want). But that's about all I can think of that isn't covered.

As an added bonus it also gives a system for Employment, in a way that assumes you are adventurers who will occasionally take a break from working to go adventuring. It then deals with a random employment events that can improve or hurt your career. This was a totally unexpected bonus and really well done.

Unfortunately it uses playing cards, so it will have to house ruled if you're not using Savage Worlds, but that's my problem - not the authors.

OVERALL This is quite simply the best treatment I've ever seen for wealth without accounting! This is in fact my new rule set. Not only is it excellently written it accounts for almost everything I thought I'd be 'giving up' by losing the coins.

SHOULD I CHECK OUT THEIR OTHER PRODUCTS? I don't really have any need myself - I have space games and I'm not a fan of Savage Worlds.

But if this is an indication of the quality of their writing and the smartness of their game design I'd definitely check out there other stuff.

I'm often disappointed with 'free stuff' but this one is exactly what I needed, only what I wanted and had clever additions I've never thought of. Rules don't get better than that at any price.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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