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100 Quirky Villager Traits $1.00
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100 Quirky Villager Traits
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100 Quirky Villager Traits
Publisher: Lee's Lists
by Darryl J. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/10/2013 06:31:25

I bought this product with the thought of the times when the players suddenly take interest in what should be a background NPC. A quick list like this really helps to flesh out characters. And the fact that's it's 100 traits makes for fast random rolling.

Some random groupings: (21) has delusions of grandeur, (47) Thinks he's more important than everyone else, (95) Absentminded, but brilliant inventor.

(36) Colourblind, (59) Constantly fidgets with a coin, (72) Unlucky in love.

Just pick some traits and the characters practically start forming themselves.

As a final note, while this does say Villager traits, these could be the traits for people in the big city, people in the spaceport at the edge of known space, or the traits of sentients other than human. I'm pleased with my purchase of this product.

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