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Hot Spots 1: Drifters Dock - DSLI-HotSpots1

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Hot Spots 1: Drifters Dock - DSLI-HotSpots1
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Hot Spots 1: Drifters Dock - DSLI-HotSpots1
Publisher: DSL Ironworks
by Mysterious B. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 10/24/2012 19:10:19

A good first effort** at a locales module - in this case, it is a dive/shady bar in the back and beyond of any Traveller Universe. Unlike (much to my dismay), it did not use the Third Imperium as the backdrop rather it relied on a general description - broadens the audience, I suppose.

In any case, what you get here is a description (would have prefered more fluff), a couple adventure seeds and an interesting NPC along with mini and gaming tiles. Priced reasonable for what you get is a portable locale that can be plunked into any game. I understand that this is first of what will be a compilation and therefore look forward to future volumes and the compilation in print (just be sure to index it). The adventure premises are generic enough and this is a great place for players to assemble for their first Traveller adventure.

Unfortunately, we are still stuck with Poser art but I understand the choice in using it. I prefer more realistic illustrations...and given what now is possible with computer art - I would strongly suggest that future offerings maybe go with a solicitation to places like Deviantart and thus provide more realistic art.

All in all a good product, reasonably priced for what you get. So, if you are need of a dive/starport bar...use this one.

**TM1: Reprieve-class Escape Pod - a previous offering that I found vastly superior to this one despite sharing many of the same characteristics

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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