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Fools Rush In
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Fools Rush In
Publisher: Privateer Press
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 09/27/2012 17:31:32

Fools Rush In is a great little story for people new to the game, and to Iron Kingdoms.

Fools Rush In is an introductory scenario for the new edition of the game. It marks the departure from the previous D20 edition and showcases their new rules and the refinement of the setting that has happened as the table top wargames - Warmachine and Hordes - have grown.

First up Iron Kingdoms is not Steampunk. Nor is it Mecha Fantasy. Think more Napoleonic/Sharpe/Pirates of the Caribbean with magic, fantasy races (Elves, Dwarves, Goblins), and of course the magic tech aka Mechanik, which allows for the creation of devices like muskets that fire off spells, magic steam-powered armour, and of course the show piece of the setting, the Steamjacks. Steamjacks are steam powered, magically crafted automatons used for labour and war.

The pdf is a full colour example of what the full rpg book will be, using the excellent art that Privateer Press has built up over the years. Also provided are battle maps to print out, character markers, and the excellent and simple character sheets.

Now the meat of the pdf. The rules themselves are a adaption of the Wamachine/Hordes rules. This means that these rules take up less than 3 or so sides of A4. Yes it's that simple. Combat is fast paced, with single rolls to hit and then to deal damage. No sequences of rolls to hit, dodge, parry, damage, soak etc. Showing how the wargame is not Warhammer, and how the rpg in many respects is just as quick for combat as the New World of Darkness.

Now of course you my think, damn, I need minis for this. But with a bit of effort and hand waving the game will run fine without minis to represent the fights. Now I would side with using minis for big set piece fights. And really that is just a nice excuse for me to buy their great value minis to paint.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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