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Toys for the Sandbox 21: Great Bridge
Publisher: Occult Moon
by Jim W. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/14/2012 21:17:20

As a mainly improvisational GM, Toys for the Sandbox is right up my alley. Normally I buy adventures to cannibalize bits and plotlines for my game, but I didn't need to cannibalize Great Bridge since it comes in bite-sized chunks already. Even though they're designed to work together, each element can stand on its own in other adventures.

Great Bridge is a small town built on an ancient bridge high in the mountains. It's a crossroads of trade, packed full of rival merchant houses, political maneuverings, shady deals, rumors of treasure, and the frozen dead. In 10 short pages, you get a town map, a brief town overview and history, four major NPCs with potential plotlines for your PCs to trip across, six plot hooks, seven one-line rumors, and seven one-line encounter ideas.

For me, the plot hooks turn those ten pages into pure gold. Each hook runs about a half a page, containing a setup and three ways to twist the plot as it unfolds. In some cases you can use all three twists, but some twists are mutually exclusive. This gives me the flexibility to change the adventure as it goes along. It's very liberating to have something "canned" that will keep up with my players.

Great Bridge contains no game stats, so you can use it in any high fantasy game system and scale it to fit your needs. There's a delicate balance between a skeletal outline of an idea and an adventure bloated with detail, and Great Bridge nails that balance for me. It's a treasure trove of game ideas that I can mine to spice up a game, or use together as designed. Either way, the great ideas and easy-to-digest format make it a win.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Toys for the Sandbox 21: Great Bridge
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