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Ships: Pirate Fighter
by Patrick J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/20/2017 13:28:02

I have removed my original review as this product has changed dramatically. At first I was unimpressed with this product as it left something to be desired. It was just a cover image and some internal stats... After a short conversation with the publisher, he responded immediately with open dialog to help make it better.

He added miniature tokens to use on the map. He added a full size image of the craft to use as a prop to show players.

I originally had this as a three star product. I upped it to a 4 star after the publisher and I had dialog. Less than a few hours later I get a notice that this product had been updated...

I origianlly bought 14 ships sight unseen. Thats all I was going to do after I saw the original content. Now after the tremendous response, and the hopes the other ships get updated the same way...the rest of the fleet is going into my wishlist and cart (after Christmas :) ).

I rate this a five star now. For a buck, saves much time. Publisher is outstanding.

Ship sheets would still be cool though. ;)

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Ships: Pirate Fighter
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Creator Reply:
Patrick thank you for taking the time to post a review, it means a lot to us. Ships sheets, that's a great idea, and fits our goal of making products that make your life easier when playing at the table. Deckplans, we do have deckplans for some of the larger Eldred ships. All of our products have full sized previews if you'd like to see them. We're working with our cartographer to do more deckplans for our other large ships, basically anything you could board. I don't think the fighters, interceptors and racers, anything that's just a single seat in a cockpit, will ever likely get their own deckplans. Would a clean version of the cover image at the same size as the one on the cover and a pawn sized image in the corner cover what you're thinking about as far as visual props and map tokens? Maybe two pawn sized images for front and back? I'd also be interested to hear what other ships you got from us and any other feedback you may have. Paul
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