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Lore: Core Rules
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Lore: Core Rules

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Lore keeps gamers coming back for more. With over 450 pages of game mechanics and background information, here’s what makes Lore new, simple, and most of all—fun!

  • Custom Combat - Lore’s customizable combat mechanics let you to decide how much power to pack into your attack or spell for truly epic game play.
  • Layered Armor - Suit-up with cloth, leather, chain mail, and/or scale mail, one upon the other…you decide how much.
  • Renown - If folk flee when you enter a village or bartenders keep your flagons filled with ale it’s probably your Renown score at work.
  • Simple Gameplay - Lore focuses more on roleplaying and less rule clarification so you spend more time playing and less time flipping through pages.
  • Over 400 Potential Character Builds - With new races and nineteen class specializations, knowledge-based and crafting skills, you can build the character you’ve always wanted!
  • Navigation Enhanced - with the digital edition, you are never more than a click away from where you want to be in the book.

Lore is a d20-based system—play-tested and refined at cons and by players around the world—and brings a new approach to the RPG experience with easier mechanics for GMs and players. 

Lore plays like other RPGs at the highest level with storylines punctuated by melee. Where it excels is, it allows you to customize combat actions. Make basic attacks with melee or range weapons plus, based on your class, use incantations or combat maneuvers. 

Encounters: Martial attacks or magical spells, you can access encounter points for specialized attacks. Investing encounter points during melee, you increase the range, area of effect, duration, damage—or all of the above. A fire ball, for instance, with an area of effect of one space can be increased to five spaces with enough encounter points. 

Armor: You can layer your armor. Chain mail can be worn on top of leather, which can be worn on top of padded armor (there are limitations, however). Armor is divided into seven zones: head, shoulders, hands, chest, waist, legs, and feet to truly customized your character’s defense. Or just select a full set of armor (leather, chain mail, or other) and you’re ready to go.

Crafting: in Lore characters can craft items to use or to sell at market. Some items you craft may be common while others might be of superior...fetching much coin to fill your bags.

There are seven distinct races in Lore—some familiar...some new—for added dimensions in your roleplaying experience, along with 19 classes to help you design the perfect alter-ego. You can even roll phobias and and more to make your character that much more interesting. 

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Reviews (1)
Discussions (10)
Customer avatar
Lennon C September 15, 2017 12:24 am UTC
Is this a grid/miniature based RPG like 3.5 or Pathfinder?
Customer avatar
David F September 15, 2017 12:38 am UTC
As far as gameplay on the actual table, Lennon C, yes. The system itself has some creative differences many other players enjoy.
Customer avatar
Lennon C September 15, 2017 1:06 am UTC
Thanks for the prompt reply.
Customer avatar
David F September 15, 2017 1:12 am UTC
Thank you for checking us out!
Customer avatar
Kary Realm Master K W August 21, 2017 4:18 am UTC
Hi David. I've been reading through the Lore pdf and it seems to be a pretty novel system. However, I noticed what appear to be some errors in the Huntsman class section. Level 12 Pathfinder mentions Stealth, and Streetwise, yet neither are shown in the advancement. Also Level 16 Huntsman shows both +1 Stealth and +2 Stealth. Is it possible that the advancement section on page 128 got a little scrambled?

Also a point of clarification. In the example character creation when the class Warrior is chosen 12 life points are added while the table show a d12 should be added. Which is correct?

Finally, are changes made to the pdf for errata found? And if the pdf is edited, does that carry over to the printed versions as POD, or have they been already printed.

I'm seriously considering a Hardback, but would like to first get your answers to these questions if possible.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for responding.
Customer avatar
David F August 23, 2017 10:56 am UTC
Thanks for the heads up on the Huntsman. Good catch. Now fixed.
Regarding Life Points: Depending on the Loremaster 's preference, characters can either receive the total allowed Life Points per level (in this case 12) or can roll to see how many points they receive.
I am creating an errata sheet and will begin to number the edition of the Core Rules. This was an oversight we shall make right.
Changes in the digital and print versions should be available soon.
Customer avatar
Steven Z August 07, 2017 4:11 pm UTC
There are currently 4 versions of Lore available for download, three of which has exactly the same name with no way to differentiate between them, I assume that one of these is newer (corrected as of July 11, 2017) than the one dated 062617. Please identify the latest version.

Customer avatar
Steven Z August 07, 2017 5:16 pm UTC
I did a quick check with diffpdf (pdf file difference checker app) and all the files named 'Lore_Core_Rules_Digital.pdf' are identical, and appear to be the updated/corrected/latest version. Its just that three of them show up at once in the library...
Customer avatar
David F August 13, 2017 9:49 pm UTC
Apologies for the confusion. I have deleted the obsolete files, as there were subtle text differences between each version.
Customer avatar
July 08, 2017 3:43 pm UTC
A real preview would be helpful. A table of contents is not a preview. I'm curious how this fantasy heartbreaker is different from the rest, especially how the game is simplified and whether that simplification is at the expense of a well codified rule set. How do these rules the problems with fix 3[.5]?
Customer avatar
David F July 08, 2017 5:08 pm UTC
Thanks for the heads up. I reset the preview to give you more access. Never thought of it as a “fantasy heartbreaker,” but certainly appreciate the gracious compliment. Only you can be the judge of whether it is a well codified system or not. I hope that after 4 years of work and playtesting, it is not sloppy. We were shooting for simple but elegant. Sorry, I don’t understand your only real question, but if you can codify it better, maybe I can help.
Customer avatar
July 08, 2017 6:00 pm UTC
Ah, yes. My question was confusing. Bad editing. I was wondering how this addressed problems with the original d20 rule set. Some questions such as:
Are there still class/cross-class skills?
Is 'Trapfinding' a role specific ability that makes Disable Device practically useless for non-rogues?
How are adventuring tiers broken down? Do non-spellcasters become irrelevant after 10th level?
Grid combat?
Are clerics still the uber-class?
Changes to multi-classing?

Also, how compatible is this with existing d20 adventures and monsters?

I'm sure some of these questions might be answered with a proper preview. I see that there are now 15 pages, but the link is quick-preview only. Does it take time for the full preview to become available?
Customer avatar
David F July 09, 2017 2:24 pm UTC
Lore is a new approach to RPG gaming, so things like “trapfinding” are handled differently. Anyone can attempt to find a trap and attempt to disable it. And anyone can specialize in the <<Knowledge Based Skill (KBS): Thievery>>, regardless of their class, to improve their odds of disabling traps. Between the KBS and <<Crafting Skills>>, player characters can “be” a lot more than just their base class. Power to the players, as it were.

Adventuring Tiers: Just as all characters can level up, so can all monsters and quests (modules). Lore was built for adaptability—and surprises—to keep players engaged. The quests we will publish have all been well play-tested and are story based, and each quest is part of a greater story arc, so clues found in one quest may be important in another. And they can work for level 1 or 12.

Do non-spellcasters become irrelevant after 10th level?
I sure hope not. Lore offers martial characters Combat Maneuvers, general...See more
Customer avatar
Anthony T June 26, 2017 9:02 pm UTC
Where can I get a print version of this?
Customer avatar
David F June 26, 2017 10:17 pm UTC
The print version is probably a week away, Anthony. Just fixing a few details on the press proofs and you'll be able to buy all 456-pages of full color beauty, right here.
Customer avatar
David F July 10, 2017 9:27 pm UTC
It is available now!
Customer avatar
July 15, 2017 1:24 pm UTC
I saw the print version available a couple days ago, now it's gone. What gives?
Customer avatar
David F July 15, 2017 3:31 pm UTC
Hitch in the giddy up. Should be back in just a few days.
Customer avatar
David F July 18, 2017 11:02 pm UTC
It’s back, and ready to order!
Customer avatar
Julian S June 16, 2017 6:51 pm UTC
Hey guys - interesting material and I'm looking forward to reading through it. In the meantime, I thought I'd try to track down the Creature Codex I mentioned in the introduction. It's not available here on DriveThruRPG, so I went to the GameFace Publishing website, where I found the preview PDF and a note that said the full version would be available in May 2015. Is it safe to assume this part of the project is a tad behind schedule? If so, you might want to update the expected release date on the website.
Customer avatar
David F June 19, 2017 11:50 pm UTC
Hey Julian...yea, we’re not just updating the date on the Codex, we’re redoing the entire site! But to your point, the Creature Codex I is in edit right now. The plan is to have it for sale by September of this year.
Customer avatar
Dave S June 09, 2017 1:05 pm UTC
You know, the navigation in the pdf really sucks considering you guys are boasting enhanced navigation.. Chapter bookmarks would have been nice.
Customer avatar
David F June 09, 2017 1:22 pm UTC
We shall certainly look into it Dave S. My chapter bookmarks work fine. Thanks for the feedback!
Customer avatar
David F June 09, 2017 5:04 pm UTC
Dave, as a team, we have bought several downloads of the PDF and cannot recreate your experience. It is certainly possible we missed something. Can you provide specific details about your experience what what your expectations are?
Customer avatar
Dave S June 09, 2017 6:12 pm UTC
While the hotlinks in the table of contents work Perfectly. And are a very nice feature.
This is what I mean.. hoping these links will actually show up..

This Eclipse Phase as an example.

And Lore

Those bookmarks make reading long pdfs a lot easier, especially on a tablet.

On a sidenote. You guys are Fast! That's amazing!
Customer avatar
Alexandre L June 06, 2017 3:30 pm UTC
A bit more information regarding the basic mechanics and engine would be much appreciated. Test mechanics and dice, basic combat and magic lay-out, etc...
Customer avatar
David F June 07, 2017 12:32 am UTC
Alexandre, we've added some details to the body copy above with additional details. Thanks for the input!
Customer avatar
Alexandre L June 07, 2017 7:16 am UTC
Thank you for the added input. This description though raises some doubts. You say it´s a D20-based system, but what then does it differentiate from the multitude of clones and retro-clones and clone-wanna-be, and... well you get the picture!!

Is the same test/attack mechanic still in place as the average D20?

Armor act as AC (difficulty to hit) or Soak?
Customer avatar
Alexandre L June 09, 2017 2:44 pm UTC
David if you would be so kind as lay my doubts and concernes to rest with test mechanics AND how is armor treated (to hit vs Soak mechanics) it would be great?
Customer avatar
David F June 09, 2017 5:12 pm UTC
I toyed with the idea of using SOAK armor in the game mechanic but chose to follow the traditional paradigm with AC representing a character's total resistance to an attack. The traditional AC approach makes for quicker combat as well with less math.
I'd be very happy to comp you a copy, Alexandre, so you may experience it in full with no financial risk.
Customer avatar
Alexandre L June 09, 2017 6:56 pm UTC
Thank you David but the option to go with Armor as AC totally kills it for me. That is a deal breaker for me in any system, as I consider it a completely outdated mechanic. Good luck though.
Customer avatar
GeoCentric D June 06, 2017 11:27 am UTC
Will there be a PoD option or at least a printer friendly version?
Customer avatar
Kevin W June 06, 2017 3:16 pm UTC
Print files should be uploaded before the end of the week!
Customer avatar
GeoCentric D June 06, 2017 5:23 pm UTC
Customer avatar
David F June 19, 2017 11:51 pm UTC
Just a heads up, we’ve uploaded the files and are waiting for proofs. Should be soon!
Customer avatar
David F July 10, 2017 9:28 pm UTC
The PoD edition is available now. Thanks for your interest!
Customer avatar
Scott H June 06, 2017 3:17 am UTC
LORE has awesome and unique mechanics. After play-testing LORE for well over a year... I can honestly recommend it as the best RPG experience I have ever embarked upon. You would be hard pressed to find a better option in my opinion.
Customer avatar
Alexandre L June 06, 2017 2:27 pm UTC
Wouldn´t it be better if you´de actually made a review then, in the proper review tab, based on your experience? t would certainly help more people decide if this is for them or not. I would like to know what you have to say, in an expanded way, about the system in all it´s mechanical components.
Customer avatar
Alexandre L June 11, 2017 9:44 am UTC
I would still like to hear why is it that "Lore" is "the best RPG experience you have ever embarked upon"!! What makes it so? What mechanisms contribute to that so awesome experience, that makes a definite diference compared to the vast myriad of D20 systems (never mind the constellation of other root systems)?

What other systems that you´ve played would you compare "Lore" with, both from a positive and negative perspective?
Customer avatar
Blake C June 21, 2017 5:40 pm UTC
Alexandre, you seem to have something against people liking this game. Half the comments on here are yours, and you refuse to even read the system before spouting off. I would like to know why you feel that you need to criticise others' opinions when you're unwilling to have an informed opinion yourself.
Customer avatar
Alexandre L June 22, 2017 12:02 am UTC
Actually if you read my posts you would conclude that not only I was interested I´ve tried to find out about the system to see if indeed it appealed to my personal mechanical tastes. Given the fact that the OP, to whom I addressed the first and second mails (those two above) deemed the product to be the best experienced he embarked upon I would like to hear about it. Perhaps it would change my mind... isn´t that the reason why people read reviews?

But more to your point. Why didn´t I read the system for myself? Well, simply because I´ve 3 systems I´m already reading about at the same time, and I have some 3 or 4 waiting next, and waiting for one kickstarted to end soon (which will deposit another 6 books on me If remember correctly). So you see, I need to prioritize and screen before I commit, HENCE the questions AND the interest in the review.
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