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GM's Toolbox [BUNDLE]

GM's Toolbox [BUNDLE]


 #30 Haunts for Houses (PFRPG)
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The darkness isn’t so empty anymore… 

What lurks in abandoned houses and forlorn ruins? It’s no random encounter. The monsters refuse to lair there, because there are haunts! 

Exploring the realms of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, here are 30 Haunts to harass, frighten and antagonize adventurers. Choose from a selection ranging from the Lonely House to the Mumbling Malediction; these unquiet spirits provide interesting encounters of CR 1 to 15. There are bleeding walls, wells that lure the unsuspecting, doors that lock themselves and fires that start without a single spark. These ghostly locales and the special conditions necessary to resolve them bring the terror to your game like nothing else. 

There’s no need t...

 #30 Haunts for Objects (PFRPG)
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 Bundle price: $0.99

"It's cursed? No, worse. It's haunted."


Dolls and Mirrors that haunt you nightmares, folk tales of deathtraps that hunger for new prey and possessive pane's of glass. All of this you will find within the pages of #30 Haunts for Objects. 

Brought toyou by T. H. Gulliver the same designer that brought you the best selling #30 Haunts for Ships and Shores. This product brings something to the game it has never had before, Haunts that are no long trapped in one location. These haunts can be moved. 



 #30 Haunts for Ships and Shores (PFRPG)
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 Bundle price: $0.99

"These dead men tell a tale..."


Ghost ships and abandoned coastal villages fill a bard’s songbook, bringing tales of reaving pirates, brutal slavers, plagues and pure mystery. The flotsam and jetsam of those lost and broken lives leaves its psychic imprint on the surrounding world, creating the terrible haunts found on empty ships and deserted piers.


 #30 Traps for Tombs (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $3.96
 Bundle price: $0.99

Go beyond the usual poison darts, collapsing floors, and rolling boulders!

#30 Traps for Tombs presents a cruel buffet of maiming, injuring, and outright killing. With a selection of vicious deathtraps from CR2 to CR10, set in a detailed burial environment, #30 Traps for Tombs also doubles as a potential bare-bones delve into the long-sealed sepulcher of an exotic necropolis. There are traps within traps, decoys, fire, spears, even monkeys! Everything you need to make for a fun evening in a graveyard is here except for the freshly slaughtered corpses—and your player characters will be happy to bring their own. 

Whether you're looking for a catalog of precalculated doom, or just a few bits of mechanical mayhem to spice up a session of questionable forced...

 #30 Variant Dragons (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $4.99
 Bundle price: $1.99

"Our Dragons Are Different."

No creature is so iconic to fantasy roleplaying as the dragon. The dragon is to fantasy Rpgs as the space ship is to science fiction, as the vampire is to horror, as the quick-draw stranger is to the western. There is a reason why its on the cover of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook. Only a dragon has that kind of impact, and they can again by making dragons more than just the sum of the color of their scales.

Within you will find the Metropolitan Dragon from the City of Brass, the Orichalcum Dragon who drowns whole civilizations beneath the waves, Shakudo Dragons who develop draconic martial arts, and many more evocative new takes on the ten standard true dragon types.  


 101 Hazards and Disasters (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $5.99
 Bundle price: $0.99

It Just Got Dangerous!

101 Hazards and Disasters gives you – yes, you guessed it – 101 New hazards and disasters, that will help make encounters in your game truly perilous.   

From treacherous sites touched by powerful deities, to new unstable mosses, molds, and fungi that can grow at frightening speeds; to forbidden crystals that drive men mad, to horrific disasters like exploding lakes, tropical cyclones, and meteoric sites. 101 Hazards and Disasters brings a host of new options and risks to the lives of player characters. 

Wholly compatible with the Pathfinder RolePlaying Game101 Hazards and Disasters is designed so that hazards have variable Challenge Ratings to help suit the n...

 101 Legendary Curses
 Regular price: $5.99
 Bundle price: $2.99

Put the fear of curses back in your players!

Rite Publishing proudly presents 101 Legendary Curses GMs can use to liven up their games. 

Legendary Curses are not the typical mundane curse most adventurers are used to encountering, such as those inflicted by the spell known as bestow curse, nor are they the epic or mythic powers held only by the greatest of archmages or otherworldly abominations born from the loins of the divine. Legendary curses and their storied backgrounds are the natural result of living in a world blossoming with both hallowed and eldritch magics. 

Check out the free full sized preview and get your copy today! 


 101 Malevolent Magic Items
 Regular price: $5.99
 Bundle price: $0.50

Put the fear of Magic back into your players!

Rite Publishing proudly presents 101 Malevolent Magical Items GMs can use to liven up their games. These cursed and malevolent items include armors, weapons, rings, staves, rods, wands, scrolls, potions and an assortment of other wondrously cursed objects. Also included are ten legendary items of dark power, suitable as the impetus of a heroic quest or the beginning of a characters tragic personal journey. Ranging in lethality from darkly humorous all the way up to quite deadly, with 101 new items there's a little something for gaming style. We all know that the games we remember best are the ones that challenged us the most. Malevolent m...

 101 Monster Feats (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $5.99
 Bundle price: $0.99

What is the measure of a Monster?

Weather you need new custom crafted options for your monstrous creations or new ways to enhance existing foes, 101 Monstrous Feats is here to serve. Why not make sure your getting the most out of your monsters? 

With 101 Monster Feats you will find more options for all the universal monster abilities so that no encounter is just another troll or just another dragon. These feats give any creature that crawls out of the bestiary a new and refreshing flavor. Challenge even the most jaded veteran player when Rending Grab strikes him. Create a fun surprise for your master of monster lore by introducing Incorporeal Trample.  Make your favorite beasts jaws truly feared with Appendage Severing.  

Written by the same designer you ...

 101 Mystical Site Qualities (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $5.99
 Bundle price: $2.99

Create an Enchanted Realm!

101 Mystical Site Qualities gives you – yes, you guessed it – 101 New qualities to help creature a truly mystic location.    

From areas where magical items overflow with power, to new areas of dead, wild, unstable, and enhanced magic that can change the nature of an encounter; to areas where only the eastern martial arts hold sway, to evocative locales like Avatar's Landing, Endless Summer, and the Fountain of Grit. 101 Mystical Site Qualities brings a host of new options and wonders for your world.  

Wholly compatible with the Pathfinder RolePlaying Game101 Mystical Site Qualities is designed so that you can bring a sense of the evocative and wondro...

 101 Not So Random Encounters: Urban (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $5.99
 Bundle price: $1.99

When 1d6 doppelgangers just won't cut it!

It's a big, scary city out there, and for your players, it's gotten nastier. 101 Not So Random Encounters: Urban gives you more options, more creative flexibility and more ways to just freak out your players with layered encounters with the masters of the city's criminal underworld.

Enjoy the advanced exemplar harridan lamia who believes she is in total control of her Criminal empire along with her mate the maharaja rakshasa who just can't seem to give up his harem and all his consorts for his loving wife. Or enjoy thier horde of adopted children from the mandragora plants that infest the city like kudzu or thier victims who have been raised as undead so as to increse their illicit assets.  


 101 Not So Random Encounters: Winter (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $5.99
 Bundle price: $5.99

When 1d6 polar bears just won't cut it!

It's a cold, dark environment out there, and for your players, it's gotten nastier. 101 Not So Random Encounters: Winter gives you more options, more creative flexibility and more ways to just freak out your players with layered encounters with the masters of the ice and snow.

Enjoy the Half-fiend arctic druid  who seeks to bring about an eternal winter along with his other former companion like the tiefling graveknight wizard who grows more cold and vile with each passing day.  Or enjoy many rebellious minion from the newly crowned frost giant barbarian king who seeks to keep his people both alive and free or their victims who have been raised as undead so as to increase the druid's po...

 101 Not So Simple Monster Templates (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $5.99
 Bundle price: $0.99

Think you've seen it all?

It's a big, scary world out there, and for your players, it's gotten nastier. 101 Not So Simple Monster Templates gives you more options, more creative flexibility and more ways to just freak out your players with new templates - itching to be added to any PFRPG monster.

Enjoy simple templates like cowardly creature who just wants to run away (even if he is a tarrasque). The Walking Fortress which makes the monster really big and puts a citadel on its back, and the Riven Magic Creature, who just wants to drain you of your spells and break your magic items. 

Brought you by the same designer that brought you the best selling and critically acclaimed Book of Monster Templates this collection brings you an even...

 101 Npc Boons (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $5.99
 Bundle price: $0.99

Not every treasure belongs in a hoard, not every bauble is traded for coin. 

Sometimes you want to reward your player characters with the favor of the local townsfolk, with a ship captain's gratitude, or a city watchman's respect. But just what does a caravan leader's respect earn your heroes at the end of the day? Now the answer is easy with 101 Boons! Building on the concepts first discussed in Paizo's GameMastery Guide, 101 Boons helps provide nonmonetary treasure for those situations where stealing a dead man's boots just won't do. 

Broken down by regions like Urban, Rural, Nautical, or Wilderness, and sorted by professions or social distinctions, 101 Boons presents tokens of appreciation from all walks of life for any group of adventurers. There are eight new pla...

 101 Npc Grudges (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $5.99
 Bundle price: $0.99

Vengeance is always personal. 

Sometimes a situation arises when a group or individual PCs wrongs an Npc for serious or imagined misdeeds and finds that attacking them is inappropriate to the situation. 

These are the times when a grudge might be more fitting. But what should you do to them? You probably shouldn't just have them suffer the wrath of an on-the-fly monster or trap, so how about have them suffer from an NPC's grudge? In order to make the selection of such grudges easier, we present 101 Grudges!


 101 Variant Monsters (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $5.99
 Bundle price: $2.99

Use your favorite monsters but change the game!

Make your monster new again without changing its Challenge Rating. No templates to apply, just switch out the monsters existing abilities for the new ones. This saves you time while instilling a sense of dread and wonder of the unknown back into the game, even for those jaded players who have memorized the Bestiary. Do more than just make cosmetic changes, use a variant monster whose new abilities transform the very nature of encounters. However, don’t think we have forgotten the alterations to appearance, habitat, and behavior, because want to inspire truly evocative and innovative encounters.

From the lowliest Brownie to the Mighty Tarrasque, this book covers 5 variants for each CR from 1-20, plus a CR 25, which makes it u...

 Ashton Sperry's Paper Minis (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.95
 Bundle price: $0.00

From the talented stylus of Ashton Sperry (Pathfinder Paper Minis) 

This product contains monsters and NPCs from the adventure "A Witch's Choice" part I of the Rituals of Choice adventure path, and includes all the statblocks for their use in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Within you will find:

7 Guardsmen (Medium) 

8 Muckdwellers (Small) 

4 Nov-Nessus (Large Variant Centaurs) 

6 Spined Grapplers (Small) 

3 Staj "Eye Hunters" (Small) 

2 Witchravens (Small) 

1 Solange (medium, NPC Rune Animal Deinonychus)

1 Zewthra (medium, NPC Verrik Kismet Witch)


 Ashton Sperry's Paper Minis: Litoirans (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.95
 Bundle price: $0.00

From the talented stylus of Ashton Sperry (Pathfinder Paper Minis) 

This product contains monsters and NPCs from the supplement "Litorians", and includes Litorians race and raical traits for their use in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Within you will find:

5 Male Totem Warriors (Medium)

4 Male Litorian Paragons (Medium) 

1 Male Crystal Warrior (Medium) 

1 Male Champion of Honor (Medium) 

1 Male Champion of Death (Medium)

1 Female Totem Speaker (Medium) 

1 Female Wind Witch (Medium) 

1 Bulette (Huge)

1 Female Litorian riding a Bulette (Huge)


 Book of Monster Templates (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $12.99
 Bundle price: $4.99

Think You've Seen It All?

It's a big, scary world out there, and for your players, it's gotten nastier. The Book of Monster Templates gives you more options, more creative flexibility and more ways to just freak out your players with new templates - itching to be added to any Pathfinder monster.

Enjoy innovative templates like The Bloody Maw who consumes magic items for their eldritch power, The Boundfury who lives to punish and guard those it has found guilty, and the Phlogiston Creature, an arcane construct that combines magic and technology to create truly frightening additions to your favorite evil wizard's laboratory.

More than just a collection of templates, each entry comes with Lore information, Ecology, and succinct, yet detailed gu...

 Devin Night's Dark Forest Token Pack
 Regular price: $2.95
 Bundle price: $0.00

Giants, and Dragons, and Bears! Oh, my! 

Bring the denizens of the dark forest to your home game or to your favorite Virtual TableTop with this printable layered PDF and transparent .PNG images, created by the consummate talent of Devin Night

 Within you will find 60+ unique images depicting Goblins, Hobgoblins, Orcs, Wolves, Bears, Ettins, Green Dragons, Earth Elementals, and Hill Giants This PDF is set up with Layers. 

You can turn on a grassy or dungeon background or print the tokens with no background at all (grassy background is the default). This feature is available in Acrobat Reader Version 6 and above.


 Five Room Dungeon: The Rabbit Hole
 Regular price: $5.99
 Bundle price: $0.99

How Deep Does It Go?

There is more to Coliseum Morpheuon than the Khan of Nightmares and the one hundred wishes of the Damnation Epoch. The Tarnished Souk brings souls from across the planes to its questionable market in search of riches and power. Groups vie for influence and advantage on and off the sands of the arena. Beneath the surface and hidden within the intrigues of shadowy factions, there are secrets.

Secrets with power. Secrets to die for. Secrets soaked in blood.

Can you bend the Dream to your desires and claim those secrets for your own? Are you willing to go down The Rabbit Hole? Are you willing to kill for what you will find? You're about to find out...

Five Room Dungeon: The Rabbit Hole is a 5 encounter dun...

 Mapped Encounters: Saber-Toothed Tiger (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $6.99
 Bundle price: $0.00

Mapped Encounters brings you an instantly scalable, eminently playable plug-and-play encounters to your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Saber-Toothed Tiger is brought to you by ENnie nominated adventure designer Steven D. Russell (To Kill or Not To Kill and Feats 101) with professional cartography from fan-favorite Jonathan Roberts (Kobold Quarterly and Pathfinder Module: From Sea to Shore) and the evocative monster tokens of James “DevinNight” Hazlett (Breaking of Fostor Nagar). Saber-Toothed Tiger lets your party explore a ruined inn now used as a lair by a dangerous saber-toothed tiger (smilodon). Fast and easy to set up, Saber-Toothed Tiger is perfect for a simple side-quest or the climax of an evocative monst...

 Paper Minis Coliseum Morpheuon (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $4.99
 Bundle price: $0.00

The Anti-Party 

Player Characters are not the only ones who enjoy bonding in groups. Antagonists can do it, too, 

These teams are the ultimate enemies to defeat, created as part of the custom design process behind the Coliseum Morpheuon patronage project. It brings you two allied groups with complex motivations beyond simple good and evil, with challenging team tactics and intriguing interpersonal dynamics. They are here to equalize and oppose the power of your adventuring group. This product is presented in the Seven Sentence Npc format plus a secret for both teams and each individual. A complex statblock and corresponding paper miniature is provided for each member of the two teams.

The two teams consist of: ...

 Ruined Gate (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.95
 Bundle price: $0.00

Pass through the gateway of adventure! 

More than just an evocative encounter, the Ruined Gate contains a map-pack, hi-resolution map images (with cartography by the amazing Jonathan Roberts)  a color creature token, a side-view illustration of the area along with full creature (the Tahyk Lynx CR 1) and encounter write-up. 

The Ruined Gate is the second room of the first level of the modular mega-dungeon known as the Ruins Perilous, designed one room at a time as part of Rite Publishing's ransom project. It is intended as an encounter for 4 1st-level characters compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.


 Ruined Guardhouse (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.95
 Bundle price: $0.00

What guards the gateway to adventure? 

The desolate Ruined Guardhouse stands defiant against the ravages of time. This outpost was once the first line of defense for what lies beyond. The original residents are gone but new guests are holding down the fort and they don't like company. 

More than just an evocative encounter, the Ruined Guardhouse contains a map-pack, a color creature token, a side-view illustration of the area along with full creature (the green shivs CR 1/2) and encounter write-up. 

The Ruined Guardhouse is the first room of the first level of the modular mega-dungeon known as the Ruins Perilous, designed one room at a time as part of Rite Publishing's ransom project. It is intended as an ...

 The Hero's Bastard (PFRPG)
 Regular price: $2.96
 Bundle price: $0.66

When a Hero Falls...

...The World Suffers








The mark of a true hero - the shining light for a cause - is that he never strays and is always true. But what happens when a virtuous man becomes a mere mortal?

The Hero's Bastard answers that question in stunning style!







From the imaginations of the people behind the hugely successful ...

 The Rite Npc Deck
 Regular price: $3.95
 Bundle price: $0.00

Don't just tell your players about your Npcs, show them! 

The Rite Npc Deck contains 49 images for you to entertain and engage your players, with art by Ryan Barger, Eric Lofgren, John Wigley, Hugo Solis, Jason Rainville, Arthur Wang, Tyler Bartley, and Kurt Taylor

Preview Images

Card Back Preview #1 art by Hugo Solis Preview #2 art by John Wigley Preview #3 art by Eric Lofgren Preview #4 art by Jason Rainville



Total value:$142.73
Special bundle price:$34.99
Savings of:$107.74 (75%)


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