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Ashen Stars: Dead Rock Seven
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Ashen Stars: Dead Rock Seven


Some mysteries, you really don't want to solve. If the thing at the centre of the labyrinth starts hunting you, you'll wish you'd never started searching in the first place. Some truths are buried for a reason. The sound of claws on metal grew louder. Something scraped at the outside of the sealed hatch.

'This is impossible. They're dead.'

They weren't.

We were.

Dead Rock Seven is a collection of four adventures for Ashen Stars from acclaimed writer Gareth Hanrahan (Arkham Detective Tales, Brief Cases, Invasive Procedures). Over the course of these adventures, the lasers are hired to deal with problems as diverse as murders on an old asteroid mine, missing executives on a pleasure planet, and threats to the security of an interstellar cooking contest. You can run these adventures as one-shots, as individual episodes in your own series, or in sequence as a self-contained mini-series.

  • The Pleasure Bringers brings the characters to the pleasure world of Andarta, searching for a missing executive who has disappeared into the seedy underworld. In the course of their investigations, the characters discover the bizarre fate of their quarry, and must decide the fate of an entire race.
  • Dead Rock Seven - Something is killing workers in an exhausted mine on asteroid SIS-45546. If the lasers' suspicions are correct, this heralds the return of a deadly foe once thought defeated.
  • Period of Tyranny - A terrorist attack on a passenger liner draws the lasers into the tumultuous politics of the synthculture of Pioneer, where the darkest period of Earth history is repeating itself.
  • The Anaitis Ingredient - The lasers are hired to provide security for a high-profile cooking contest on the Anaitis-17 space station. The station is attacked from within and without by fanatic Restreamers, who intend to trigger a temporal event that will rewrite history.

Customer comment: Just finished reading the first adventure from the pre-pre order. Fantastic! Not at all what I was expecting, and that’s a good thing! Very Noir (at least, that’s how I picture the setting), and it shows you how diverse the adventures can be in the Ashen Stars universe. I’m pre-ordering this thing this weekend…and at this level of quality, I’ll pre-order anything with the Ashen Stars title on it. More fiction please Mr. Laws… God, I’ve turned into a gushing fan-boy…what happened?

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November 30th, 2012
The first adventure in this anthology, the Pleasure Bringers, is one of the wackiest, weirdest crime stories I have ever run at my table. This is a very good thing. It is a very nice set of stories, each independent, but can be easily woven into some [...]
Michael H. [Featured Reviewer]
March 21st, 2012
These are an excellent set of scenarios for Ashen Stars, taking the characters to a variety of colorful locations during their investigations. Although the included scenarios are linked, they can easily be played as single scenarios instead. Of the fou [...]
NB N. [Featured Reviewer]
February 7th, 2012
The perfect companion to your Ashen Star Core Rulebook, Dead Rock Seven gives the eager GM four scenarios to run that range from sexy pleasure planets to desolate asteroid mines. In each case, your lasers will need to use ingenuity, skill, and luck to [...]
Alexander L. [Featured Reviewer]
November 10th, 2011
Originally Published at WHAT IS IT? Set of four substantial [...]
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