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Ultimate Dice Tower

Ultimate Dice Tower

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The Ultimate Dice Tower by Fat Dragon Games is ‎GUARANTEED TO ALWAYS ROLL A CRIT... or some other number.

This isn't your average dice tower with a single dice chute, this bad boy has a dice chute that splits into two separate ejection chutes for maximum randomization! But that's not enough for us at FDG, we've gone and included a Random Dungeon Generator and a Hit Location chart that can be swapped out during your games on the fly. Texture layer options allow you to customize your tower before building it, and we've even included a BONUS paper miniature of a Dire Honey Badger... what more could you possibly ask for in a dice tower????




Don't miss a single set of E-Z DUNGEONS!



Don't miss a single set of DRAGONSHIRE!


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February 27th, 2016
A great and fun project to build. Not too complicated, but still enjoyable time consuming. Can't say my players have used it much yet though, but it is really nice to have on the table! [...]
January 13th, 2016
If it was mentioned, I failed to notice the bit about printing the pages on card stock, and printed it instead on plain paper. While it didn't take much abuse to destroy the tower once complete (I have a toddler, after all) it performed better than I'd [...]
October 11th, 2015
This is a great product/project - it's very simple to build (there's one slightly confusing step, but you can figure it out after looking closely at the image), and it works great. [...]
March 20th, 2015
This tower is really cool and I ´m glad that even bigger dice fits through the hole. The only thing is that I have to add foam core to the bottom because if you carry the tower wrong with some dice it bends. But this is only a small issue and I am rea [...]
August 11th, 2014
Wanted to use a dice tower fro some time but didn't want a plastic or wooden one with all the associated clatter of dice when they fall. Decided to make my owna dns ettled on this one - spent some time this weekend making it after having already printe [...]
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