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Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition
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Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition

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Vampire: The Masquerade exploded into hobby games in 1991 and inspired a generation of fans the likes of which the game industry had never seen before or since. The cultural significance Vampire left on not just the gaming world but on modern vampire-related pop culture can be seen and felt at virtually every turn and in every medium today.

Vampire: The Masquerade - 20th Anniversary Edition brings the entire World of Darkness experience full circle and will serve as the perfect anniversary milestone to celebrate two decades of gaming after dark. This is the original Masquerade in all its glory, and our way of saying thank you and welcome home.

  • All thirteen original Clans, Clan variants and bloodlines, with their signature Disciplines
  • Classic rules updated from Vampire's Revised Edition
  • Character creation and advancement from Neonate to Methuselah
  • All the Disciplines from level one through nine
  • Updated setting to the modern nights
  • New full color original art by Tim Bradstreet and other classic Masquerade artists

About the Now in Print editions:

1. The Black & White print editions of this book are not full-bleed. Because of printing requirements there is a small white border around the edge of the pages.

2. Standard Color uses a thinner paper stock than Premium Color. This usually means the colors are less vivid, but it also means the price drops a bit per page in the production process. Examples of pages: Premium Color vs. Standard Color.

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Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
June 9th, 2016
Grabbing attention from the outset opening with a collection of fan (and fans-now-made-it-in-the-hobby) comments about what earlier versions of Vampire: The Masquerade means to them, this is a beast of a book, enticing and potentially destructive, capt [...]
January 27th, 2016
This is the table top Vampire game to play, hands down. This version of Vampire the Masquerade beats Vampire the Requiem 2nd Edition! Here is why. I have played Vampire the Requiem extensively. The new second edition of Vampire the Requiem ha [...]
January 14th, 2016
I was a little concerned about the binding on such a large book, but it is high quality and stands up to regular use. I love having all of the pertinent information in one volume now, as opposed to having to search through dozens of supplement [...]
August 10th, 2015
Masquerade is very much tied to that early 90's gen-X "fuck the man" aesthetic, an in your face punk rock version of hard driven Vampires. Anne Rice on a fifth of Jack [...]
April 7th, 2015
First: english is not my mothertongue but I think the following will be possible to decipher :) Second: The content of the books (I ordered both in colour two years ago I think) is great, the other ratings tell more about that. but, and t [...]
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