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The Wreck Of Alpha Central

The Wreck Of Alpha Central

Watermarked PDF

Ecumenopolis, the world city. Science fiction is full of them, from Trantor to Coruscant.
But then it all stops working.

What happens to a world of 40 trillion people when the food shipments stop and the lights go out?

What's inside:
setting details
common species
character archetypes
gameplay mechanics
cultures and creatures
gear & equipment
Post-apocalyptic mutants, aliens, freaks, weirdos, dangers, and wonders abound!

The Wreck of Alpha Central is a setting for Star Hero 6th Edition, a genre book for the HERO System 6th Edition. The zip file includes cover images as well as high and low resolution versions of the PDF.


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November 27th, 2011
There are good writers, and then there are great writers. Lizard is a great writer, his setting overflows with playable ideas, creative kick-starters (triggers I call them) and engaging discription. The classic SF genre trope of a world city when it ge [...]
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