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The Elven Crystals
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The Elven Crystals

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A shattered stone, a fractured kingdom, one last chance

Ereworn was once the jewel of the countries of Ellesland. The land was protected from the evils of the world by mystical wards around its boundary, and the king took counsel from the greatest of the elves, the archmage Elvaron.

Elvaron foresaw many things, including his own death and the failing of the wards, and he worked to protect the land he loved. He placed an image of himself in a great crystal to preserve his knowledge. But the making of the crystal hastened his death, and less than a year later the wards fell. The crystal shattered into shards, misfortune flooded into Ereworn, and the few knights who might have saved the land fled.

Now Ereworn is home to brigands, assassins, corrupt barons and much worse. The crystal’s shards are still within its borders, lost for decades, waiting to be found. And there are forces moving once more to reunite the pieces, destroy the last safeguards that Elvaron left behind, and turn Ereworn into a realm of darkness.


The Elven Crystals is a four-part adventure set in the kingdom of Ereworn, a part of the world of Dragon Warriors that is under assault by the powers of darkness.

The four quests are a combination of a chase through a haunted forest to free a kidnapped girl, exploring a cursed castle to track down its diabolical ruler, a coastal search for a wrecked ship and an underground cult, and a climactic battle against forces not of this world.

The Elven Crystals is designed for characters of levels 1-2. It can be played by novice gamesmasters and players, but it has an engrossing story, memorable characters and exciting encounters that will entertain experienced gamers too. The four adventures can be played straight through, but there are natural break-points where new material can be added if the gamesmaster chooses.

With great new artwork from Jon Hodgson, Andew Hepworth, Scott Neil and Erik Wilson.


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Adrian S. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
August 22nd, 2011
It has been happy times since the classic ‘Dragon Warriors’ game has seen the light of print once more, and the republishing of this 1986 classic is a fine addition to the product line. This module excels on a number of levels, especially as an int [...]
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