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Castle Builder Volume 1: Strongholds
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Castle Builder Volume 1: Strongholds


Castle Builder Volume 1: Strongholds is the first installment in a 10-part series designed to help Game Masters and players plan their ideal fortifications in a step-by-step format from the ground up. Although the book has no specific setting, it is designed to accomodate any technological era that one is likely to encounter in a fantasy campaign setting, from the Stone Age to the Renaissance.

This volume's contents include:

* Introduction to the nature of strongholds, why they are built, and how they are perceived;

* Various material types ranging from the historic to the fantastic;

* How to consider the most logical layout for your needs and the story potential this holds;

* Ways to integrate a stronghold's existence with a local community; and,

* Everything you need to quickly lay out your stronghold with standardized rooms, as well as free-form guidelines to make anything uniquely suited to personalizing your designs!

This book is fully bookmarked and designed to be printer-friendly and easy-to-use.


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January 9th, 2015
Fantastic. It really makes easier to thing in a stronghold [...]
September 23rd, 2012
There are many preceeding five-star reviews for this product, all well-earned by an excellent company that is providing important research and background material to GM's who want to create real atmosphere for their players. I bought this entire series [...]
May 14th, 2012
This is probably a seminal RPG work. It's that good. This is not going to give you floorplans, but it's going to teach you all about the basic thought processes and considerations that went into real castle-building. This is a book that should sit next [...]
April 23rd, 2012
This book is good for giving the reader ideas on how to use the the structures in the book for the advancement of their game. It will not give you step by step instructions because it is about helping the reader use more care with something that may not [...]
February 12th, 2012
A good read for GMs and Players, and not just for gaming purposes it's a good historical reference on it's own, and very well written so as not to get dry or boring, even through the minutiae. As a player since 1st edition I always liked making my charact [...]
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