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One Dollar Dungeon: Ranger's Camp near the Ruins Map Pack
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One Dollar Dungeon: Ranger's Camp near the Ruins Map Pack


One Dollar Dungeons: Ranger's Camp near the Ruins Map Pack

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Have you been waylaid on your journey through the woods? Has the rumors of mystical power emanating from the secluded ruins brought you outside the reaches of civilization? Come to find the source of the troll infestation in the forest? Has your camp been ambushed at night, your party caught sleeping in their tents, unawares? With D20 Cartographer, the story is in your hands!

Ranger's Camp near the Ruins is the fifth in a series of One Dollar Dungeons maps, which represent convenient starting locations or class-specific adventure locals for each traditional RPG character class. Ranger's Camp is a giant 48x36 map (two poster's worth!). It includes a simple camp nestled under a ridge on the forest floor, a generic forested wilderness map, a simple dirt road passing through the woods, and stone ruins with two levels: one stone platform nestled amidst trees and a dark, below-ground basement level. Everything is mapped out in typical 1 in. = 5 ft. map format.

Included for your convenience are several different formats including:
• Each 4 component maps in individual .jpg (versions with and without grid)
• High contrast black and white map in a single .jpg (great for printing on parchment textured paper)
• Legal and A4-sized PDFs of the sliced images for your home printer 

D20 Cartographer also supports Virtual Table Top systems and includes:
• An object file folder with png objects for use in this map or reuse in other Virtual Table Top Maps
• A MapTools .rpmap VTT file with vision blocking and objects set up for you


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Andrew L. [Featured Reviewer]
October 15th, 2011
In two words - buy this! Let me explain why. First the art is good, yes good. Evocative, adequately detailed and it works when printed out on floor tiles (or at least the color version I printed did). If you were to measure the quality of the ar [...]
September 5th, 2011
I have bought this product because I was looking for some maps I can use on my L5R pen&paper roleplaying group. Well, I think I have found a great map pack here and I will use it on my next adventure. The maps are very nice with high detail and you [...]
July 4th, 2011
I picked this up yesterday and it will probably see action very soon in both of my games! Yet again exceptional detail, versatility and exceptional value for online play. Keep them coming! At this point I don't even think twice when making the purchase [...]
NB N. [Featured Reviewer]
July 3rd, 2011
If you've seen my latest reviews, I've done them for every one of the maps from this set. Not surprisingly, this one is great. But it's not just detailed, gorgeous, and interesting, IT'S HUGE! The map comes in separate pieces if you want to use one sec [...]
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