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Dresden Files RPG Casefile: Night Fears
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Dresden Files RPG Casefile: Night Fears

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The old Cranston house had stood unoccupied for as long as anyone could remember. Few spoke of why. After a while, everything just passed into rumor, and now nobody knows the truth for sure.

But they do know one thing: it's one hell of a spooky house. If you can make it through the whole night in the Cranston house, you'll be legendary back at school, kings and queens of the hallways.

So, anybody up for a dare? Come on, we can do it. It'll be a scream.

Night Fears is a Dresden Files RPG casefile, a one-shot mystery-adventure intended for 3-7 characters at the "Feet in the Water" power level. Customizable, pregenerated characters, a mix of mortals and minor talents, are provided with sheets and power details.

You can run it as a "who will survive?" horror thriller, or as a deeper supernatural mystery. Or integrate it into your own game, and use it as a starting point for your characters -- or as trigger-story about the kids who went into the house and never came out again.

Together with a copy of The Dresden Files RPG: Your Story, Night Fears is perfect for a "test drive" at home, or for a convention GM looking for a print-and-play scenario.

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December 2nd, 2013
A wonderful introductory supplement. Characters: Any permutation of the characters given should be able to navigate the scenario, and while the characters are complete in themselves, they also leave enough room for a player to make it their own. [...]
January 27th, 2012
This was a great introductory module to Dresden Files RPG. Fully half of it is the player characters -- which aren't quite complete. That's a good thing, as it allows the players to express some creativity and feedback when they play. The rest of the [...]
November 11th, 2011
Not quite what I thought I was downloading but fantastic all the same. It was a surprisingly useful and imaginative resource. [...]
October 3rd, 2011
more, More, MORE. We loved going through this for our first time, it got our entire group hooked on the Dresden Files RPG, day one! [...]
Michael H. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
October 2nd, 2011
Another great FREE product from Evil Hat that anyone looking to run a one-shot of the Dresden Files RPG, or just for some inspiration and guidance for their own campaign, will find indispensable. [...]
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