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Heavy Gear Blitz! [BUNDLE]

Heavy Gear Blitz! [BUNDLE]


Heavy Gear Blitz! Black Talon - Return to Cat's Eye
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Aftershocks and political fallout from the Interpolar War and the destruction of Peace River have left Terra Nova reeling. With Earth identified as the culprit, Terra Nova's governments have resolved to never to be caught off guard again and the Black Talon program was formed for the purpose of being sent off planet to recon Earth's former colony worlds. Their first mission is the gate world Caprice, with its orbital fleet yards that were the staging grounds for the first attack on Terra Nova. They have the training and equipment with which to observe and sabotage Earth's Colonial Expeditionary Force (CEF) wherever opportunities arise and gain new allies whenever possible.

But it was not enough. The CEF is hell-bent on re...

Heavy Gear Blitz! Field Manual - Core Rulebook Revised
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The Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual - Core Rulebook Revised is the current rules set for Heavy Gear Blitz. It adds a new and exciting style of game-play to Heavy Gear Blitz! This book takes the field test rules featured in the first 3 issues of our Gear UP eZine and revises the Locked & Loaded rulebook sections with new rules, flow charts for ease of use and new datacards for the Heavy Gear Blitz! miniatures.

The Core Heavy Gear Blitz miniature game rulebook for all players; Requires the use of the Locked & Loaded Rulebook (Northern, Southern, Peace River Defense Force, or Leagueless Army Lists), Black Talon Return to Cat's Eye (Black Talon, C.E.F. or Caprice Army Lists), Terra Nova Gambit (Utopian Army List), Perfect Storm NuCoal Field Guide (NuCoal or P.A...

Heavy Gear Blitz! Locked & Loaded - Rulebook Rev 1.1
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Notice to Reader:

The Field Manual - Core Rulebook Revised DP9-9997 is now the current rulebook for Heavy Gear Blitz and it is available as a free download with this ebook. The current Northern, Southern, Peace River Defense Force and Leagueless Army Lists are still found in the Locked & Loaded Rulebook. But, the current Port Arthur Korps Army List is now found in the Perfect Storm NuCoal Field Guide, which also includes a free download of the Field Manual - Core Rulebook Revised.

ENnie Award Nominee for Best Electronic Book. 

Welcome to the 62nd century and the world of Terra Nova. Colonized by humans, left to fend for itself, and divided between two rival superpowers, recent events have brought this formerly united planet once more to...

Heavy Gear Blitz! Perfect Storm - NuCoal Field Guide
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The Perfect Storm NuCoal Field Guide contains complete army lists for the NuCoal Self Defense Force and the Port Arthur Korps. It also continues the story of the the War for Terra Nova and is the first in a series of Field Guides for the factions in the Heavy Gear Universe.

- Blitz Army Lists for NuCoal and Port Arthur- Background on NuCoal and Port Arthur- Details on the Military Organization- Vehicle Compendium- Duelist and Ace Pilot Support- The Siege of Temple Heights- Painting Guide & Gallery- Datacards

This Full Color, 136-page book is a Field Guide (Faction Army List) for the Heavy Gear Blitz! miniature game. In addition to the core rulebook, some six sided dice, and Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear miniatures are required for play. For two or more players, ages 8 and u...

Heavy Gear Blitz! Terra Nova Gambit - The War for Terra Nova Book 2
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"What's left to do?" Sergeant Major James Anders asked his commander in the decrepit old Jaguar. Anders knew it was only a matter of time before the end would come for the land fleet they had been guarding. The fleet officer had told the gear sections to retreat once the order was given. 

"Not long, son. They'll give us the word," Colonel Arlens replied. At seventy nine cycles, the grizzled War of the Alliance veteran was nearly the oldest member in the provisional regiment. The unit had been thrown together at the last minute to defend the  Protectorate from the approaching invaders. None of the pilots on the field were younger than fifty cycles and most were near the colonel's age. Sergeant Major James found himself on the younger end of the spect...

Operation: Drop Bears Dive!
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Barrington Gates. Baja. Red Cliffs. Battles that the 08th had paid for in blood against the CEF over thirty cycles ago and now the enemy had returned. Corporal Vandenbosche gripped the control sticks on either side of him in the dark cockpit of his Koala. Anger welled up inside of him as he thought of the loss of his family in the orbital bombardments dropped so casually on his home town.Today, he would pay the invaders. His regiment would drop from the skies and rain hell on the enemy. Looking through his gear's omni-camera, Vandenbosche saw the green light and his squadron commander readying himself to jump from their Orca transport. As Sergeant Mason engaged his gear's SMS and leaped out of the open bay  door, he called over the radio, "Boys, I'll meet ya on the g...

Shattered Peace - The War for Terra Nova Book 1
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Three days have passed since Marabou, home of the Southern MILICIA, was obliterated by the CEF. Today, Earth forces descend on Terra Nova, blackening the skies, as thousands upon thousands of drop pods block the rays of Helios from reaching our planet.

People of Terra Nova, we stand on the precipice of destruction. They have come, uncaring, inhumane, and relentless. But they will be stopped.

For those who have died, for those who will die and those who will be opposed, we must fight back. We will prevail!

- Field Commander Miranda Petite in an address to Black Talon Forces, TN 28 Summer 1950

The next few days will decide the fate of the planet, and although few know it, the fate of the galaxy and of humankind rests on Terra Nova.

Shattered Peace -...

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