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Red Tide: Campaign Sourcebook and Sandbox Toolkit
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Red Tide: Campaign Sourcebook and Sandbox Toolkit

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A Red Tide is Rising

For three hundred years, the last remnants of humanity have clung to the wild green jungles of the Sunset Isles. They have watched the red mist that consumed their world roil a hundred miles off the coast, waiting, a beast at bay. But now the crimson dreams are becoming stronger, and the wild Shou tribes of the west howl their hate at the human invaders. Who shall rise to save a world quenched in blood?

In this book a Labyrinth Lord will find all that is required to run a sandbox game of adventure in the Sunset Isles. In addition to the races, classes, and sorcery of this savage land, a referee will find special tools and resources for creating shadowed courts of quarreling nobility, cities rife with struggle, wild border settlements that cry out for the help of heroes, and dark places in the earth known only to the dead and the damned. These tools will aid not only campaigns in the Sunset Isles, but also those games set in other lands of savage mystery and bloodstained blades.

Expanding on the tag system found in the free Stars Without Number sci-fi role-playing game, Red Tide includes more than fifty new tags for fantasy cities and borderland settlements, along with more than 25 pages of GM resources including culture-specific name and place lists, unkeyed blank maps for quick sandbox use, four pages of room dressing and treasure possibilities, and a new "diagram dungeon" method of quick dungeon generation with a worked example.

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December 30th, 2015
I have a difficult time understanding why anyone would rate this lower than 4 stars, or, honestly, 5. The layout and art are professional and evocative. The writing is top-notch. When describing mechanics, it's crystal clear. Whe [...]
December 26th, 2015
First, I am new to this review writing. I read the other reviews and contemplated for several weeks. On first skim, I get to this part about an island chain as the campaign setting. And then we have climate bands squeezing from cold northern to tropica [...]
November 6th, 2015
This one is a very good product, which is a) an interesting campaign setting (with a twist), b) a fine sandbox c) an campaign creation kit. Do yourself a favour and buy it together with 'An echo resounding' as it is a very nice add-on. Although [...]
August 4th, 2014
This one has an excelent reputation which is fully deserved. While being a sandbox campaign setting on the surface, it actually is a very useful model for the creation of campaign settings in general, which should be very useful for all GMs. Even if yo [...]
April 25th, 2014
Red Tide is an excellent setting. It has refreshing sides next to great classical approaches that makes it at the same time quite unique and easy to get into. I was drawn to it by cheerful reviews in forums and I was not disappointed. The information [...]
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