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Devious NPCs and Curious Creatures [PFRPG]
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Devious NPCs and Curious Creatures [PFRPG]

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If you enjoy my Pathfinder products, please take a moment to check out my latest project: Argyle & Crew - a cooperative storytelling/RPG-lite game for kids and adults.

Devious NPCs and Curious Creatures is a document designed to give GM's interesting creatures and NPCs to mesh in to their ongoing Pathfinder games. The creatures and NPCs are designed for low to mid-level campaigns.

These NPCs and creatures are a bit different from what one may normally encounter and should give the PCs a chance to include some role playing in to their encounters, rather than a basic combat with the same old creatures and NPCs.
GMs are of course free to use these creatures and NPCs however they see fit, and should always remember that above all they and the players should be entertained and have a good time playing.

Included with every creature or NPC is at least one hook - an idea that can be used to make the PCs actively interested in an outcome further than simply slaying the beast or overcoming a singularly evil NPC.

These hooks can make the game that much more interesting by putting the PCs into a position where morals need to come in to play and the alignment of their characters should encourage active role playing.

In addition to unique Creatures and NPCs, you will also find several adventure seeds - ideas which can be dropped in to your current game, perhaps to germinate in to a reoccurring theme or simply for use as a one off idea.

Beast of a Thousand Broken Hearts
The Rat King
The Wink - Material plane
Sandrunners of Aolith
Vrook and Squishy

Gregory deVolint
Dingle- King of the bears

Adventure Seeds
Frost Giant's Sorrow
The Show Must Go On
The Big Ones


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April 6th, 2012
Interesting and well written. A useful tool for any GM to have handy when you need to put some flesh onto an NPC but might not really have the time to do it right then. [...]
Alexander L. [Featured Reviewer]
August 11th, 2011
Originally Posted at: At a deceptive 21 pages long, D [...]
July 27th, 2011
This is a great PDF for anyone looking for some encounters that aren't your normal hack and slash. All of the creatures here have something a bit different about them that will encourage our gamers to think differently about the encounters. Even [...]
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