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SAWS+ Character Sheet for Pathfinder
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SAWS+ Character Sheet for Pathfinder


The same great SAWS+ Character Sheets -- now for Pathfinder!

Is your character sheet too limited? Is your character's story too good for a couple of lines of background? Are you tired of the wasted space "spells" take up for your anti-magic fighter -- or the space wasted on too many weapons when you are a monk? Then SAWS+ Character Sheets for Pathfinder may be the answer you are looking for! 

Designed around two dueling concepts - there's never enough space on the sheet *AND* onthe game table - this half-size collection of sheets packs a whole lot of data into a smaller space. No matter the binding system you choose, you'll find more flexibility than you've ever had before. Take your D20 system characters to a whole new level of detail.

Within this single PDF are the basic sheets you will always need: stats, weapons, skills, character details, inventory and more. However, it's laid out in an entirely new way. Instead of "weapons" -- there's a sheet for Ranged Weapons" and a sheet for "Melee Weapons", with a space to calculate your basic bonuses for each of those two weapon types. There's two pages of skills to work up your total numbers -- but come game time, there's a single Skills Summary page. Does your GM need to see your skills? Pull that single page out and hand it over for a quick look.

This set then continues past the usual stuff (including both arcane and divine spellcasting basics) and gives you a sheet dedicated to your character's history. Got a long story to tell? Print a couple extra history sheets and keep going! Is your character a packrat or a landed noble? Those "Inventory Location" sheets will enable you to set your belongings in different places -- and the Inventory Summary page will let you quickly tally the weight of what you are actually carrying! There's a page for your character's finances (gold's heavy -- try investing!), and XP tracker *and* a Stats tracker (did you forget to give your character that +1 to Stats at level 12? -- never wonder again!), Familiars, Animal Companions, Spellbooks and spell sets... 

Finally, no more transferring a character to an entirely new sheet, if a soda spills at the game table. Nachos on your stats? Slip in a new sheet quickly and you're back to playing without all the tedious re-writing (and chances for mistakes)! Leveled up one too many times and can't read through the erasures? Print the page that's hard to read and transfer your data.

Give them a try -- and don't be surprised if your entire game table is clamoring to know where you found these sheets!

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