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Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom (4E D&D Adventure)
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Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom (4E D&D Adventure)

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A 4E D&D Adventure Full of Terror And Dread...

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Amazing Reviews &Testimonials

"Brother Ptolemy and the Hidden Kingdom is one of the, if not the, best premade adventures I have ever ran ... It flowed smoothly for my group, brought lots of excitement to the table, and allowed me to add my own ideas to it without breaking a thing. It did not railroad my players or me in any sense, and has even added a lot of life and excitement to my already running campaign. I am not sure what more a GM could ask for from an adventure product." - RPG.NET Review

"... a hearty 4.5 stars out of 5 for this masterful product. It was a true joy to read and I have many simmering plans in the back of my brain to lay low on my own unsuspecting players..." G*M*S Magazine

"... buy it if you like games full of political tension, conspiracies, and good old fashioned challenging combat." -

"I really enjoyed what I read here in Brother Ptolemy & the Hidden Kingdom ... a well-written source book regarding a dark and sinister cult, with its terrible plagues and rituals, along with a solid adventure with a dynamic plot line." - ENWorld's review

"If you want some “creeping menace” in your world, you might want to incorporate the Hidden Kingdom." - Online Dungeon Master

"Brother Ptolemy makes one heck of a scary villain in my book." - Game Knight Reviews

"This is a fantastic book for anyone looking for some awesome and creepy new adversaries in their 4e D&D game. Definitely check it out." - Dice Monkey

"BP&THK presents a unique story in a way that should provide twists and turns to GMs and players alike. If you're a GM looking for some inspiration, definitely check out Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom from Nevermet Press." -

"... a first class adventure for 4e D&D which easily rivals any of the material put out by Wizards of the Coast..." - The Dumpstat Blog

More About Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom

The heroes have set out to find Adalisa Leighman, the lost daughter of a powerful merchant baron, and along the way they find themselves caught up into a plot to overthrow the hearts and minds of thousands in the city-state of Corwyn. All the while, the Red Harvest ravages the land, withering everything in its path and driving the sick mad with a thirst for blood. Fighting to drive back the plague, mysterious Red Monks from the Hidden Kingdom roam the land, cleansing the infected and proselytizing survivors into their own Hidden Kingdom. No one has yet been able to withstand the power the Kingdom, so the future of Corwyn, the life of Adalisa Leighman, and the conquest of the Red Harvest are now in the heroes' hands...

Inside you'll find

  • the complete backstory of the sinister Brother Ptolemy, Master of The Hidden Kingdom. His organization is bent on "freeing the living from their mortal attachments" ,
  • dozens of new NPCs, monsters, rituals, feats, and magic items - all built and designed specifically for 4E D&D!
  • a full-length adventure, Uncovering the Kingdom, that pits the PCs in a race against time to save the daughter of a powerful merchant guild from the gripping influence of the Hidden Kingdom,
  • the city-state of Corwyn - a small city on the frontier that is desperately in need of the PCs help,
  • the Red Harvest Plague,and the zombie it creates!
  • dozens of adventure hooks to help introduce the 'Kingdom into any existing campaign or to kick off a new one,
  • scores of beautiful illustrations by Paul King, Matt Lichtenwalner, Matt Meyer, Kenya Ferrand, and Rob Torno, with maps by Liz Courts and Paul King

Nevermet Press

Nevermet Press


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Brian F. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
January 4th, 2014
Though I feel I’ve become a bit jaded over the years as I’ve seen story after story, plot after plot, character after character repeated over and over in popular fiction, television, movies, and game materials, it’s nice to occasionally find some [...]
November 23rd, 2010
I was sent a copy of this product to review for Gnome Stew. You can read the full review here: [...]
November 22nd, 2010
My overall impression is vaguely positive. If you are an avid consumer of all things related to D&D, then by all means, grab the book, you'll love it. If, like me, you're far more accustomed to traditional modules and adventures, grab it, skip to [...]
Mark M. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
November 21st, 2010
I recently was in contact with Dr. Jonathan Jacobs of Nevermet Press, and received a review copy of Nevermet's latest endeavor, Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom. The book is a 4e "Adventure Setting", which means that while it d [...]
November 15th, 2010
I recently got a hold of “Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom” by Nevermet Press. This third party publisher is dedicated to building a better gaming community and this is one of their first big forays into publishing adventures for 4e D&D [...]
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