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Armor Grid: Mega-Pack! [BUNDLE]

Armor Grid: Mega-Pack! [BUNDLE]


 Armor Grid: Mech Attack 15mm Woodland & Desert Camouflage Units
 Regular price: $3.95
 Bundle price: $2.76

Armor Grid Games and Miniatures have teamed up with Slick's Miniatures to reproduce the original Armor Grid: Mech Attack 15mm miniatures in two new camouflage color schemes.

This set includes:

Light, Medium, and Heavy Mechs Three different Vehicles Six different Troop Units Weapons and Support Equipment





These miniatures are supplied in Woodland and Desert Camouflage by Slick's Miniatures. All Armor Grid Miniatures and paper figures are rendered in 300dpi for high quality printing.  Designed with complete front and back images to more closely represe...

 Armor Grid: Mech Attack!
 Regular price: $5.95
 Bundle price: $4.17

The first game in the Armor Grid System is Armor Grid: Mech Attack!  With an innovative game system and print and play 15mm scale Mech, Vehicle, and Infantry miniatures, this is a game of sci-fi mechanized military combat in skirmish and wargame scales.  Compete against your friends in one-on-one duels or extended military campaigns.

Armor Grid: Mech Attack! includes:

13 page Rulebook Game Tokens, Markers, and Record Sheets Print and Play 15mm Mech, Vehicle, and Infantry Miniatures Dozens of Weapons and Support Equipment Options Miniature Bases and Assembly Instructions


 Armor Grid: Terrain Pack
 Regular price: $4.95
 Bundle price: $3.47

Armor Grid: Terrain Pack contains 15mm scale terrain and expanded terrain rules for use with Armor Grid: Mech Attack!

This set includes:

Expanded Terrain Rules including: Revised Line of Sight rules and new terrain features 25mm tall Buildings that stack to form multistory structures Building Ruins for destructible buildings Hills and Bodies of Water in both simple shapes and modular pieces that can be arranged into larger terrain pieces Low Walls that can be chained together for any length of wall Smoke Markers Forest Terrain Pieces

(Mech and Infantry Unit Miniatures sold separa...

 Infanty Units, Mech Attack 15mm Miniatures
 Regular price: $0.00
 Bundle price: $0.00

15mm Infantry Units for use in Armor Grid: Mech Attack or any other 15mm Sci-fi Wargame.

This set includes Light Infantry, Heavy Infantry, and Jump Infantry Units based on 40mm hex bases. Each unit is supplied in Urban Gray, Forest Green, Dessert Tan, and Uncolored (for your customization).

All Armor Grid Miniatures and paper figures are rendered in 300dpi for high quality printing. They are all designed with complete front and back images to more closely represent more traditional gaming miniatures. All miniatures are provided with easy to follow directions and multiple basing options.


 Mech Attack Accessory Pack
 Regular price: $0.00
 Bundle price: $0.00

For use in Armor Grid: Mech Attack this Accessory Pack includes:

New and Updated Game Tokens 10 Inch Ruler with Firing Arc Finder Template Color Matched Record Sheets in Urban Gray, Desert Tan, and Forest Green


Total value:$14.85
Special bundle price:$10.40
Savings of:$4.45 (30%)
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June 29th, 2014
Best papercraft project I've done. Models are well thought out and easy to make. Also a very streamlined and creative rules system. The Armor Grid concept works really well and makes this game stand out. [...]
November 12th, 2011
A good value! The armor grid game is fast and fun and was rather easy to learn. The added value of the terrain and camo repaints are really very good. There is enough to the terrain pack to add a lot of dimension to your games and make them abou [...]
November 4th, 2011
This is the ONLY way to buy! With their ever-increasing line, this is the best way to jump in to this game system! You can get all the rules and a HUGE selection of beautifully designed figures, terrain and vehicles for one low price! Bet [...]
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