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IRONCLAW Omnibus: Squaring the Circle
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IRONCLAW Omnibus: Squaring the Circle

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The award winning, critically-acclaimed game is back! IRONCLAW is an exciting new edition of the classic role-playing game of anthropomorphic fantasy.

Experience Ironclaw's rich and detailed world of Calabria, where dozens of species live together in sprawling cities and war-torn countryside. Kings broker for power with clergy, wizards, and merchants, each one struggling to conquer all they survey. Meanwhile, beneath the notice of the squabbling powers, lurk greedy robbers, cruel slavers, and dark necromancers who prey on the weak, the helpless, and the forgotten. It is a time for mighty warriors, for quick rogues, for clever wizards - a time for heroes!

Ironclaw's unique system of dynamic combat allows players to work together to defeat enemies. Enjoy action sequences as fast-paced and exciting as any book or movie, where how the battle is fought is just as important as why it was fought in the first place. From the star chambers of political conspirators, who plot steal the kingdom... to dark and haunted places, where supernatural peril threatens the mortal world ... or even to the humble streets, where an urchin picks the wrong pocket - adventure is everywhere, limited only by the player's imaginations.

This IRONCLAW Omnibus edition is a complete game in one volume, combining both the Player's Book and the Host's Book.  It features dozens of full-color illustrations from professional artists such as Chris Goodwin (Black Iron), Andrew Kaiko (Kappa Mikey, Speed Racer), and Stephen Silver (Clerks, Kim Possible, Danny Phantom).

If you've never played a role-playing game before, you can make a few simple choices and play in minutes. Veteran gamers can delve deep into strange and powerful combinations, customizing every detail. You and your fellow players will create a party of adventurers, each with unique strengths to cover your friends' weaknesses, as you sally forth into a glorious new world of bold adventure.


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Customer avatar
December 29, 2017 1:30 am UTC
Main file is corrupted. Can't open; Please tell me there is a fix
Customer avatar
Gary D December 07, 2017 2:49 pm UTC
There is a typo on page 114, combat, near rage should be near range. It would be even better if it was written as 'Close Range'. Having bought the hard cover book, I'm just slightly annoyed.
Customer avatar
Nina B February 02, 2017 10:25 pm UTC
The Interior File is damaged. not happy to spend money and get a broken file thats been here for a long time.
Customer avatar
Nina B February 03, 2017 7:27 pm UTC
After seven separate downloads on two different computers and two different ISPs i finally got an unbroken file. I don't know if it was something with DriveThru's server problem or what but out of twenty files i downloaded yesterday this was the only one i had a problem with
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