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Twilight: 2000 v2.2 [BUNDLE]

Twilight: 2000 v2.2 [BUNDLE]


T2000 v2 DTRPG Guide to Twilight: 2000 version 2.0
MSRP: $6.70

Everything you wanted to know about the Twilight: 2000 Role-Playing Game System (but didn't know how to ask). Includes a short history of the development of Twilight: 2000, a comprehensive list of all GDW-published modules for the system (including the number printed), and a rating of the general quality of each module and product (on a 1-9 scale; average is 5.0). Each title in the version 2.0 series is illustrated and synopsized.

(Technically, Twilight: 2000 was a D20 product and called itself that before there ever were D20 products.)

Twenty pages of detailed information. There is a separate guide focusing on Version 1.0.


T2000 v2 Twilight: 2000 2nd Edition Version 2.2
MSRP: $13.99

Roleplaying in the Devastation of WWIIIVersion 2.2

Newly updated to be fully compatible with Traveller: The New Era

The War has raged for years The high-tech ammo is almost gone. High-tech equipment is failing, piece by piece, with no spares to fix it. The front lines are held by a few grim, desperate soldiers.

The US 5th Division holds the line in Poland. Now, a Soviet encirclement has cut it off in a province ruled by ambitious warlords, local militias, and bands of marauding deserters. HQ is 200 klicks to the rear and powerless.

Your last order sets you free...

"Good Luck. You're on your own."

Here's What You Do

Generate Your Character: You select your nationality, chracter type, and your military and n...

T2000 v2 American Combat Vehicle Handbook
MSRP: $6.70

American Combat Vehicle Handbook supplements and extends the basic vehicle listing provided with the 2nd edition Twilight: 2000 rules.

More then 60 vehicles are represented(only 11 repreated from the basic game), ranging from the latest variations on the M1 Abrams to the M42 Duster 40mm self propelled antiaircraft vehicle. vehicles include four verions of the Bradley IFV, the M151 Jeep, M42 Duster, M551 Sheridan, M728 CEV, M48A3, M88 ARV, M109, M110, and many other vehicles in current or recent services with the U.S. Army.

In addition, the American Combat Vehicle Handbook includes three prototype combat hovercraft and two experimental laser air defense self-propelled artiller vehicles. All vehicles are completely described for use in the Twilight:2000 games, but the data is ...

T2000 v2 Bangkok Cesspool of the Orient
MSRP: $6.70

For years, I'd heard about the white elephants of Thailand. You know the ones, right? They're considered so sacred that only the king can own them, and even he can't put them to work like normal elephants. They can 't be killed... the only thing you can do with the suckers is feed 'em and breed 'em. I got to see a bunch finally. They aren't white, they're kind of a faded pinkish-brown. Some local told us that the word white doesn't refer to the color anyway, it just means the elephant is considered "auspiciously significant." I was disappointed.

What a place! In the dry season you can go fishing with a shovel, I haven't seen a single Siamese cat since we got here, and the second most popular spectator sport is fish fighting! No...

T2000 v2 Castle by the Sea
MSRP: $3.28


BEFORE THE WAR, there was growing optimism over the collapse of communism and the opening of eastern Europe. Survivalist organizations were seen as outdated and unnecessary, and their memberships dwindled. Many of the remaining members were labeled crazy and were ridiculed.

Then the war came, vindicating their beliefs.

Now a small band of survivalists known as the Nova Direkto is making a move for dominance in northern Poland. To keep the neighboring warlord at bay, they have kidnapped five children from the warlord's camp in Kwidzyn and are holding them hostage in a medieval castle on the coast.

Can the PCs infiltrate Nova Direkfa's stronghold and free all the hostages successfully?

This folio includes Four pages ...

T2000 v2 East Europe Sourcebook
MSRP: $6.70

Information is vital in any military campaign. Without it, armies blindly wander without real objectives, blundering into the enemy by chance, with no opportunity for advance planning or preparation. The East Europe Sourcebook for Twilight: 2000 gives you the information you need to know about the central theater of the Twilight War.

Eastern Europe was, without a doubt, the center stage of the Twilight War. It was in Eastren Europe that the armies of every major belligerent met; it was Eastern Europe that the war lasted the longest; and it was in Eastern Europe where the devastation of the war was greatest. The East Europe Sourcebook provides a chapter on each of the nations of the region, giving a short summary of the nation's history, geography, and ethnic make-up. The state...

T2000 v2 Heavy Weapons Handbook
MSRP: $6.70

The Heavy Weapons Handbook finishes what Infantry Weapons of the World started, by rating over 170 rocket launchers, grenade launchers, antitank and antiaircraft missle launchers, towed field, antitank, and antiaircraft guns, grenades, mines and other support weapons for Twilight: 2000. Infantry units armed only with rifles and machineguns are only half equipped, the Heavy Weapons Handbook provides the rest of what you'll need.

Weapons covered range from man-portable missle launchers such as the LRAC F1, the Eryx, and the venerable American bazooka, antitank missles ranging from the aging SS-11 surface-to-surface missle to the FOG-M (Fiber Optic Guided Missle), and towed antiaircraft guns from the Swiss 20mm Oerlikon to the Soviet 130mm AA gun. Anti...

T2000 v2 NATO Combat Vehicle Handbook
MSRP: $6.70

The NATO Combat Vehicle Handbook, like its predecessors (the American Combat Vehicle Handbook and the Soviet Combat Vehicle Handbook), supplements and extends the basic vehicle listing provided with the 2nd edition Twilight: 2000 rules. More than 60 vehicles are represented, from more than six nations (France, Germany, Great Britian, the Netherlands, Turkey, Austria and others). Vehciles include the German Leopard III, TPz1 Fuchs and Wiesel, the British Vickers Valiant, FV-4333 Stormer, and FV-721 Fox, VAB, AMX-10RC, the Brazilian EE-T1 Osario, the Austrian Styer 4K 7FA-K SPz and numerous others.

All vehicles are completely described for use in Twilight: 2000 games and all games using a similar system (Merc: 2000, Cadillacs and Dinosaur...

T2000 v2 Nautical/Aviation Handbook
MSRP: $6.70

The Nautical/Aviation Handbook is intended to supplement and extend the basic vehicle listing provided with the 2nd edition Twilight: 2000 rules, and to provide an extension to the rules for aircraft.

The Nautical/Aviation Handbook includes eight new water craft, ranging from the Hayes Barracuda (a two-man minisub) to the SAR-38 (a 12-man light reconnaissance patrol boat). In addition to rules for aircraft, the Nautical/Aviation Handbook contains statistics and game ratings for 29 fixed wing and 35 rotary wing aircraft, including the A-10 Thunderbolt II, AC-130H Spectre, AV-8B Harrier II, CV-22 Osprey, F.1 Mirage, F-15E Strike Eagle, F-5E Tiger II, MC-130H Combat Talon, Panavia Tornado, Su-25 Frogfoot, A1 29 Mangusta, AH-64 Apache, AS.350 Ecureuil, MBB/...

T2000 v2 Operation Crouching Dragon
MSRP: $3.28

I thought I was through with surprises after six years in the merc trade. We've been sent on a lot of stuff. Its not unusual for us to be hired by people we never see. It's not out of the ordinary for us to be told to do things we don't understand... "ours not to reason why," and all that. And its par for the course to be sent place we've never been before. I've grown used to that. But I've never been sent on a mission to an island that doesn't have the decency to exist. I was under the impression that an island had to be above water... isn't that why they call it dry land?

Operation Crouching Dragon

In the South China Sea lie a group of very tiny islands, some of which are under water at high tide. The British call the...

T2000 v2 Rendezvous in Krakow
MSRP: $6.70

To the survivors of the US 5th Division, Krakow sounded like a city out of fairy tale… a castle, an evil king, even a flying carpet. More importantly, Krakow sounded like an island of peace in a war-torn world.

The reality was different…

Rendezvous in Krakow is the first of three adventures forming The Vistula Epic for Twilight:2000 2nd Edition. Krakow has been spared the worst of the war's devastation, and has declared itself a free city. The war is banished an individuals are free to come and go… so long as they leave the ware behind.

Background material includes street maps with points of interest, from Wavel Castle to the "Wojo" munitions plant. Many non-player characters are described in detail as well as the...

T2000 v2 Soviet Combat Vehicle Handbook
MSRP: $6.70

Soviet Combat Vehicle Handbook supplements and extends the basic vehicle listing provided with the 2nd edition Twilight: 2000 rules. More than 60 vehicles are represented, ranging from the WWII BA-64 armored car and the T-34/85 tank through the latest variations of the T-80 to T-90 FST (future Soviet tank). Vehicles include five versions of the BTR, amphibious GAZ-46 and PT-76, Yugoslav M-80, M-60P APCs, Romanian TAB-72, TAB-77, TAB-90 APCs, Chinese Type 531 APC, and many other Soviet, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, and even American vehicles in current or recent service with the Warsaw Pact armies. Plus a Prototype binary propellent tank gun and three combat hovercraft not presently in service.


To top it off, the vehicle guide includes eight pages of color ...

T2000 v2 Special Operations
MSRP: $6.70

Welcome to the shady world of intelligence work and espionage operations. A world where the enemy is not often clear, and where killing someone doesn't accomplish much except to complicate matters. Where the objective is usually as nebulous as the opponent, and often just part of a larger scheme.

A "special operation" can include assassinations, kidnappings, burglaries, sabotage, smuggling, courier service, full-scale assaults, and bodyguard duty.

The primary feature of "special operations" is secrecy. "Plausible deniability" ceases to be a phrase, moves past being an active term, and becomes a way of life. Evey part of the mission has to be shrouded in secrecy, not just before the mission, but after it, too. In short, a "special operat...

T2000 v2 Twilight Nightmares
MSRP: $6.70

Twilight with a Twist

Want to wake up jaded players? Drop their characters into on of these adventures and listen to them gasp. Designed for groups looking for the unusual, these Twlight Nightmares are usable in either Twlight: 2000 or Merc: 2000 campaigns, whether as "official" episodes or as momentary diversions. The book includes:

The Rumors of Our Extinction…: Biotechnogically resurrected from a few, faint DNA traces, titanic reptiles from the age of dinosaurs stalk the deserts of New Mexico, searching for something to eat. The Orpheus Extract: a pair of agents wants your help to gree a colleague held hostage. A German intelligence officer holds a captive whom he believes can put a secret base back unto operation. Poised between...

T2000 v2 Twilight:2000 Merc:2000 Referee's Screen
MSRP: $6.70

The Twilight: 2000 Ref's Screen is fully usable with Twilight: 2000, Merc: 2000 and the other products in the Twilight: 2000 system. The screen itself has been dissected for download but contains the charts a referee needs most often in a conveniently arranged panels.

The Twilight: 2000 Ref's Screen comes with a 16-page booklet containing new D20 game mechanics, consolidated small arms and heavy weapons listings (From both Small Arms of the World and Heavy Weapon's Handbook), rules extensions to character generation, combat (including a system for skill-based fully automatic fire), still more charts (in a 4-pafe pull-out section), and optional rules including the first treatment of enhanced damage rounds (such as hollow points ...

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April 12th, 2014
Pretty good price to pick up the full Version 2 of the Twilight 2000 RPG collection of books. However, this is missing one Version 2 book and that is the "Infantry Weapons of the World" which isn't carried anyplace else on this website. That is the only [...]
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