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Palace of the Galactic Emperor
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Titanic doors harder than steel and etched in gold slide away revealing throne room of the most powerful being in the Galaxy. The throne hovers majestically within a field of thrumming antigravity while gilt service robots flit like cherubs through the refined air. A mix of synthesizers and exotic instruments from the farthest worlds play the anthem of the mighty empire as the Emperor himself ascends the throne on a beam of light. Decrees are made, then translated and echoed in a hundred languages, both human and inhuman. As dignitaries of all shapes and sizes file into the throne room the domed ceiling slides away revealing a panoramic view of the Emperor's domain. The Galaxy spirals into infinity while nebulae billow and curl. A dominion of a billion worlds stands at the ready, awaiting the command of Emperor of The Galaxy. Music by Christy Carew. Illustration by Chris Becker.

Sonic Legends soundscapes are a blend of music and sound effects specially designed to enhance tabletop and live-action roleplaying games. The music provides an emotive backdrop that helps your players get into the right mood, and the sound effects give you a realistic sonic environment to set your scene in. Each soundscape is approximately eight to ten minutes in length, and shifts to naturally follow a dramatic storyline. The best part is that each soundscape is seamlessly loopable, so there's no limit to how long your scene has to be! Just download your Sonic Legends soundscape to your mp3 player or laptop, turn up your speakers and GAME ON!


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Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer]
June 4th, 2010
"Palace of the Galactic Emperor" by Christy Carew does a great job of evoking a cinematic sense of epic power. It's not necessarily the music you want to play when the PCs are fighting the big bad; it would probably work better under a social [...]
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