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Trail of Cthulhu: The Watchers in the Sky
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Trail of Cthulhu: The Watchers in the Sky


Your friends cannot be trusted, your knowledge means nothing, and everything you hold dear turns to dust.

Blending Lovecraft with Hitchcock, The Watchers In The Sky is the new adventure from Graham Walmsley, the author of The Dying of St Margaret's.

A madman feeds the birds, paranoid they are watching him. Later, the same strange birds stare from the rooftops, warping the laws of physics and chemistry. And, when the Investigators dissect one of the creatures, they find something monstrous inside.

The Watchers introduces a new and unknowable Mythos entity. Written in the Purist style, there is no glory in fighting the Mythos, only madness and despair. The more you discover, the more the Mythos infects your mind.  It will also destroy your family, your friends and everyone you love.

The Watchers is a must for Keepers who like their fun bleak!

Playtesters comments:

"Our group had a blast playtesting the scenario! It's truly creepy, and I was inspired enough by the material to improvise a truly horrific ending for the investigators. We still talk and laugh about it!"

"Our group really had a good time with the Drive Yourself Crazy rules ... This really lent an element of player involvement that seems to reward getting into the Purist mindset. It's one of those things that after years of running Cthulhu seems like a great idea that I want to add to any adventures where it might benefit the theme/mood."

"All in all this was a most enjoyable experience for us. The adventure captured the Purist play style (with an encroaching sense of dread, a strange enemy that one cannot truly understand, and a conclusion that adds to the horror more so than it does to resolve anything). The difficulty of the adventure and the clues was just right as my players were able to piece together the information they needed to sail into the scene with just enough information for them to form new questions."

"A good game with a thrilling intrigue and many new features and gaming methods which made it feel fresh."


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Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
January 20th, 2017
This is a Purist adventure, where there is no resolution or satisfaction, just the bleak reality of the Mythos to discover. In it, there are strange birds around... from those surrounding a mental patient to others who hang around watching, watching... [...]
Michael H. [Featured Reviewer]
April 22nd, 2012
The Watchers in the Sky is the second of four Purist scenarios written by Graham Walmsley (the first was The Dying of St. Margaret’s). While not meant to be a “sequel” to St. Margaret's the two scenarios share a certain feel and setting that make [...]
August 2nd, 2010
This is an excellent little scenario. Basically a more complex version of the typical one-shot, this scenario might require several sessions to fully unravel. Set in the Lake District of northern England, the plot thickens rapidly with a series of twis [...]
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