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Trinity: Terra Verde: Psi Order Norça and Sudamérica Sourcebook
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Trinity: Terra Verde: Psi Order Norça and Sudamérica Sourcebook

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Norça Leads

The masters of Biokinesis are the most mysterious of the psi orders. They abandon old concepts of humanity in search of their full potential, and fight against humanity's enemies on every front, in ways others don't begin to suspect. Discover the secrets of the Norça, at home and throughout space. See beyond the confusion and cover-ups to unsuspected frontiers of adventure.

Sudamérica Flourishes

In the past, South America suffered for centuries. No more. Biotechnology's infinite potential makes Sudamérica a green land, where everything grows and there are opportunities for all. There's no room for the Northern Hemisphere's fears or repression in Sudamérica, people are too busy living life to the fullest. Let others cower from the future. Sudaméricans make the future and make themselves what they want to be.

Hidden Lore

Release: Originally released in December 2001, Terra Verde was White Wolf's very first PDF for sale! At the time it was very avant-garde thinking, done as a last-ditch effort to save Trinity from cancellation. Although numbers were never made public, it apparently sold very well, albeit not well enough to ensure the continuation of the line. As such, Terra Verde was the final product released for Trinity. It did, however, help pave the way for the viability of PDF sales, and thus to sites like DriveThruRPG.

It follows on the format pioneered by 2000's Aurora Australis in that it's presented entirely in black-and-white with no color section. Oddly, it's formatted for a more traditional 8.5"x11" rather than the 7"x10" which had been standard for the rest of the Trinity Universe.

While original Trinity developer Andrew Bates and Bruce Baugh shared developer duties on Adventure!, this was to be Baugh's first solo job as Trinity developer, taking over from Bates. Several additional books were planned, such as the "Asia Ascendant" Ministry/Asia book, but regrettably his tenure ended after this single entry.

Cover: This piece by BROM shows a future biokinetic getting triggered in a Prometheus Chamber, but the illustration is deceptive: a look behind the Chamber shows the landscape of Luna, indicating that this scene took place in 2103 when the eight proxies were triggered together. The person thus depicted is therefore not just any biokinetic, but Proxy Guiseppe del Fuego himself.

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October 2nd, 2008
Very good book, great new ideas, it really fleshed out the Norca, and added great twists on Biotech. I reccommend this for any trinity fans left out there. [...]
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