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Creatures of the Wastelands: The Thrasher Gang

Creatures of the Wastelands: The Thrasher Gang


This set of 30mm downloadable miniatures has been designed to be suitable with any post-apocalyptic or science-fiction game in general and Skirmisher Publishing LLC's licensed Mutant Future supplements in particular. These include Creatures of the Wastelands, Creatures of the Wastelands: Random Encounters, Creatures of the Wastelands: Mutational Evolution, and Creatures of the Wastelands: Habitats.

This set includes nine full-color miniatures that can be printed out either in color or black-and-white on cardstock and full instructions for assembling them. It is part of Skirmisher's Cardstock CharactersTM line of downloadable miniatures.

"A had a few things going on it my head when I designed this mutant set," said artist William T. Thrasher. "The first is something that I always try to keep in my head whenever more than two monsters are going to be facing players ... that I got from Dan O'Bannon and the comments he made about the zombies in Return of The Living Dead. He made a point of having four zombies that weren't just generic, shambling monsters. They each had a distinct physical appearance, attitude, and method of attack. ... I wanted to take a similar approach to the mutants in this set. ... I also wanted to make most of the mutants look as if they had a history long before the PCs encounter them."

Skirmisher's "Creatures of the Wastelands" products are fully compatible with Mutant Future, as well as Labyrinth Lord and other games based on the familiar and easy-to-use "Basic D&D" rules introduced in the 1970s.

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November 25th, 2017
These characters are hilarious and bizarre. Perfect for a wild and memorable Mutant Future game! [...]
March 24th, 2012
This is a cool little product. I like card stock minis as they're easy to use, infinitely reprintable, and they don't kill my wallet. This set comes in two varieties: full color and printer friendly. Having that option is a plus. It not only makes me [...]
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