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Tor: A Hand-Crafted Map
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Tor: A Hand-Crafted Map

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This Hand-Crafted Map supplement focuses on a single tor in a rural area. As long as the local people have been alive, this tor has been abandoned and forgotten. Farmers graze their animals on its slopes and the ancient stone tower atop it serves as a handy landmark for the region. Recently, some locals claimed to have seen lights coming from the abandoned tower at the summit. What mystery is hidden within the tor?

The maps within are all hand drawn and evoke a time of simplicity in role-playing games when the only things you needed to play were a character sheet, a pencil, some dice, and your imagination. The maps can easily be adapted to fantasy, modern, sci-fi, or any number of role-playing systems and settings. In a fantasy setting, the underground complex of the tor could hide a band of goblins who've been attacking travelers. Perhaps a new cabal, followers of a multi-tentacled god, have made the abandoned tor their new base of operations in a pulp or modern setting. In a science fiction game, the tor could be found on a strange alien world, the base of operations for a group of pirates or rebel sympathizers.

The base has been provided. Now you can fill in the details.

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January 31st, 2015
I really like this product and have already used it in my Pathfinder campaign. The maps are very well detailed with some great ideas for a background and current inhabitants. It was to fit into my campaign. I would highly recommend this product. [...]
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