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Armageddon the End Times
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Armageddon the End Times


The End of Days!

For decades, warning signs have told of a coming Reckoning. Its exact nature was unknown. Some predicted a new dawn for humankind -- a golden age. Others issued dire warnings. In truth, it was worse . . . far worse.

The near future has arrived and the tidings are grim. An ancient force is reborn and the ultimate conflict to determine the destiny of humankind is underway. Fought by forces mundane, celestial, demonic and otherworldly, it has ravaged cities, plundered lands, and brought doom to millions. Angels and devils walk the Earth once again and the Old Gods have returned. Will even this be enough to stop the relentless darkness? Armageddonis a complete roleplaying game. In it, you will find

  • A fantastic setting filled with angels, demons, gods, supernatural servants . . . and the humans struggling to survive and even triumph
  • Detailed character creation rules ranging in power level from normal humans to gods
  • The ultimate exposition of the Unisystem, a universal game mechanic fully compatible with CJ Carella's WitchCraft, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Terra Primate and other Unisystem games
  • A brief overview of the types of weapons used in the ultimate war, from knives to the Holy Fist tank
  • Background information on the most powerful of the wartime bodies: The Alliance, Heavenly Host, Infernal Legion, Lodge of the Undying, Pantheons and Watchers
  • A variety of metaphysical arts including Magic, the Sight, Necromancy, Divine Inspiration and Spirit Patrons
  • Specifics on the capacities, powers and limitations of a variety on non-human entities, from angels to immortals to Primal beings
  • Terrible knowledge of the Adversary's host, including Adepts, parabiologicals and undead
  • Guidance for running stories in a world of war, myth, and horror
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Michael S May 23, 2015 5:04 am UTC
Is there any chance you'll make a POD version of this book? I'd love a hard copy but they go for large amounts on the secondary market.