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ExXxalted: Scroll of Swallowed Darkness (Censored)
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ExXxalted: Scroll of Swallowed Darkness (Censored)


This was White Wolf Publishing's April Fool's joke for 2009. However, so many people liked it that we're keeping it available for future customers. Enjoy!

On the bed, on the floor, by a demon ‘til your sore,
in the tub, in the hall, up against the temple wall…

Mastery of the arts of the bedchamber and playroom comes not easily to all. Does the sound of cries echoing in your ears inspire you to greatness or great size?

This sixteen page censored excerpt adds new depths to your Exalted series: intrigue and manipulation, unrestrained sexuality, dangerous seducers and sex magic, opening a variety of new opportunities for every Exalt.

This product is a free, censored version. You can find the uncensored version at this link.

A character book for Exalted 2nd Edition
•    Advice on creating the ultimate Exalted lover.
•    Quotes from the infamous text A Lover Clad in Blue.
•    New Charms to use in your Exalted game.

This product was featured on the White Wolf Blogcast.

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July 7th, 2010
They must be getting punchy over at WW. An entertaining bit of fluff and there are enough people that play Exalted to make this worthwhile. I give them credit for doing something that 90% of the other publishers would avoid like the plague. Have no ide [...]
November 17th, 2009
Grin Well worth reading and quite funny! (I wonder if there is an uncensored version? 0_o ) [...]
April 7th, 2009
Good fun form white wolf games.So have fun with it ok;] [...]
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