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E-Z TERRAIN: Forest & Ruins

E-Z TERRAIN: Forest & Ruins

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E-Z TERRAIN: Forest & Ruins features 14 different tree styles (including multiple shapes, sizes and colors,) 2D and 3D bushes, log cabin, modular raised terrain with our exclusive E-Z TAB locking design, multiple styles of stone monuments and more. The pine trees are offered in both simple and complex styles, allowing you to build trees with curving limbs. The deciduous trees even allow you to place miniatures up in them, and trees are large enough to even support METAL MINIS! This set features our ENnie Award winning tree designs and all art is 300dpi for maximum detail. 

This PDF includes:

  • Forest Tiles including paths and streams (both 1" grid and no grid)
  • Modular 3D Raised ground sections with interlocking feature
  • 2D Flat bushes
  • 3D Bushes you can hide figures under
  • Bridge
  • Log cabin
  • Megalith stone head (three versions)
  • Stone monuments
  • Coniferous Trees (complex)
  • Coniferous Trees (simple)
  • Deciduous Trees Green (4 styles)
  • Deciduous Trees Red (4 styles)
  • Deciduous Trees Yellow/Orange (4 styles)
  • Full color instructions

Attention owners of our previous forest set DRAGON TILES: Forest Adventures: The tree models and tiles in this set are ALL NEW and offer additional sizes and styles to those you already own.

E-Z TERRAIN: Forest & Ruins comes with everything seen here.

 Place figures up into the trees (even METAL minis!)  

 Hide medium and small minis under the 3D bushes.

This set features our new modular E-Z TAB terrain design, allowing you to build massive 3D elevations without any shifting during play.



Don't miss a single set of E-Z DUNGEONS!


Don't miss a single set of E-Z TERRAIN!


Don't miss a single set of DRAGONSHIRE!



A note to our customers: All of the models featured in our promotional photos were built by hand, with just the simple hobby tools recommended in our model sets (hobby knife, straight edge, paper glue, etc.)

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June 15th, 2012
I bought this for the trees. I searched high and low trying to find affordable 3D trees and settled on this set. Now I must warn you, these trees look great, but they take a loooong time to put together. I dedicated about an hour a tree to put [...]
Christopher H. [Regelmässiger Rezensent]
April 23rd, 2012
This is a fairly complex but very satisfying set of 3D terrain, usable with any role-playing genre where you want to stage a miniatures-scale scene in a forest. You will need at least an intermediate level of crafting skill to put these models together [...]
November 3rd, 2010
A very nice set, providing exactly what it promises. Definitely worth the money. There are a few minor niggles about this set, but that's to be expected. The hill parts don't sit too well together. If you alter them to use the 'bobby pins' as de [...]
October 1st, 2009
Fantastic... So long as you have the time and skills for it. When you buy this know that your also going to need card stock or cardboard to glue your prints to. Also if you have little time on your hands this is not the product for you. This giv [...]
May 20th, 2009
It doesn't matter what genre you roleplay as long as there are trees in your world, this is a must have set. If the pc wantsto go climb a tree, he actually can. I just love the way I can also place npc's up in the trees to ambush the pcs. [...]
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